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make up?

I dont wear make up, dont even own any, but im maid of honor at a wedding in july and want to wear it for photos etc, so i have a couple of questions-

1, what are the basics that i need, i dont want to waste money on things i can do without?

2, im wearing a very deep dark purple dress, do i get purple eye make up cos of this or do i stick with brown to match my eyes and hair (dark brown)

I am gonna get it early so i can practise putting it on
Thankyou for any help
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mmm i dont wear a lot but i do wear golden browny eyeshadow, as it matches my eyes, a good khol pencil and mascara


I usually wear powder foundation to even out my skin, eyeshadow, liner, mascara and lippy.

What I would recommend is going for a free makeup make over as likes of Benefit or whatever brand you like the look of. You don't need to buy thier makeup, just say I'd like to walk about with it on for a bit and see how I feel. You can always go back or buy a cheaper brand to match what you have on.

Colourwise I too, would go with a golden colour to highlight your eyes, or a pale lilac?

This girls make up is amazing and she walways talks you through what she's using.

YouTube - Kanal von panacea81


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As recommended I would get a store makeover, so you can get some ideas of application, what colours suit you, what coverage suits you (foundation comes in different coverage levels) and also then you can get an idea of what you need as basics!

Make up can range in price so much - superdrug do a £1 range and then you have the likes of chanel and Dior that are premium prices!!!

Good luck - i am sure you will look amazing. You could always get the free makeover done first thing in the morning of the wedding! :)



Will get there one day!
Bobbi Brown is fantastic and I think very natural, I don't think you should go too colourful if you're not used to it so naturally pinks/browns would probably work.

I say Bobbi Brown because rather than a make over they give you a make up lesson, it costs £30 but if you buy anything then it is free, I wanted to do my own makeup for my wedding and I really loved the experience, the first time I went they applied the makeup (base ie. Foundation, powder, blusher) showing me what to do and then you go away (obviously they must presume you will buy stuff but I didn't buy everything!) and then go back a few weeks later with your makeup and they say where they think you've gone wrong and then they do your eyes.. I think I went back again to show them that but can't remember!

I really love their makeup now and brushes even though they are not cheap I think it's worth it, or perhaps have the make up lesson and buy the makeup elsewhere although obviously you'd have to pay for the lesson.

I might go back soon as I want to learn how to do smoky eyes.

Whatever you decide remember you don't want to look like a different person, just an even prettier version of yourself, good luck x
You may want to go with slightly more coverage than you are used to due to being in the photos - the last thing you want is your face to fade in the pics :) I would ensure your eyebrows are groomed and powdered in (or tinted if needs be), eyes have a good couple of coats of mascara (don't faff with false eyelashes) - but as everyone as said, will be good to check out a make-up counter for a demonstration xx


Will get there one day!
Totally agree with needing more coverage for photos but you don't want to much highlighter, alot of make up brands recommend them but the flash hits it and reflects so you either look like you've got a really white face or funny eyes! X
Thanks for the tips everyone x

You say that you don't wear/own make-up - in which case, unless you think you're going to start wearing it, there's no point in buying it. Why not just get a salon/beautician to do your make-up on the day?

If you really want to do it yourself, I'd agree with the store make-up demo but, as you've got plenty of time, do a few. You'll not only pick up more tips but each counter/assistant will do things a bit differently.


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I am currently studying Beauty Therapy in the evening at college so hope i can help
ok head to boots and be sure to ask for some help they will be happy to :)

here are the basics which will make you look very lovely and give u a natural enhancement.

- Foundation (ask for help and tell them u only want to spend a few quid and they will see what ur skin tone is)

- black eyeliner (not liquid tho, its quite eas to find just a normal pencil basically colour shud be at the end)

- a nice gloss or vaseline for ur lips (nothing to flash and again if u ask they can help with colours and assist u)

- Mascara - ( a simple black mascara which will help enhance ur eyes and give ur lashes a natural curl)

- Blusher - a light pinky tone and defo ask them for this one
- a blusher brush to apply the blusher with :)

i hope that helps when u have all this then also pick up some cotton wool pads and a normal basic moisturiser and apply that first b4 u put make up.
then like the pp sed go to youtube and type in basic make up application

hope that helps and good luck


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I would agree with the lady who said go to a salon and have someone do it, it will be cheaper than splashing out on make up that you'll never wear again.
I'm a qualified beauty therapist and wear make up everyday (MAC make up) and I still went to a beauty salon to have mine done for my wedding... as maid of honor is the bride not paying for you to have your hair and makeup done anyway?


I Will & I Can!!
or even better morning of the wedding get a free demo done in boots or denbenhams lol!

but then if u do buy the basic make up then its always there for u to use again if u ever go somewhere or do something nice ect x
Thanks again for all the help. I dont wear it at the mo but would like to have some to wear when we do go out.
I think that i will go and hit the make up counters.
I wont have time to go in the morning of the wedding to get it done at boots.
She is paying to have my hair done, but the woman who is doing it doesnt do make up.
I would like to buy some and be able to learn to do it myself,
Thanks again xx


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Most department stores and even The Body Shop do free make up application I had it done there they did a really good job too.

I like Smash box makeup it stays put Debenhams in Manchester did mine it was lovely but not cheap.

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