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OK.. so I have re-set my ticker and I have now decided to go public and offically announce that I am going to re-start tomorrow. I said it yesterday but that was tucked away in my diary. So here I am on the main forum saying it again ! I must do it my jeans were straining today and a few weeks ago they were hanging off me.. I have been rubbish rubbish fed up and miserable, I still have a chest infection and as yet I havn't even opened Christmas Presents that are waiting for me at my Mum's.. so I am giving myself a pressie tomorrow a lovely chilled shake.. I will check in through the day tomorrow once I've been back to dr's. wish me luck I'm going to need it x
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Good luck - I'm sure you'll be fine. The first few days can be tough but after that its downhill all the way!


Mad as a Hatter
Good morning mate - whoops it's afternoon really

Hope that you are doing ok - hope so but if you need any support then get on here.. I am restarting today so are a few more people so it will be good to do it together

Take care

Thanks everyone, I certainly need alot of help. well a lot has happened in the last 24hrs :eek: little did I know what was learking! During the night I had a pain in my ribs and felt like I was boiling hot.. this is the down side of living alone.. no one there in the middle of the night :cry: so up I got coughed and coughed and thought oh gawd this hurts.. rang the surgery and they were really helpful.. saw the GP for him to tell me he could hear crackling in my side and told me I have pleurisy.. now I know why I feel so pants.. so here I am in bed with my antibiotics, not hungry but glugging on my water so I have at least started the fluid intake.. been stuck in now since Boxing Day and I feel its going to be a very long week :sigh:
Happy New Year Everyone.. well the update is not good. Rang the GP yesterday as I've been so worried, there is something quite worrying not being able to get your breath. GP advised complete bed rest, painkillers and to give it time. If it worsens over the next 48hrs they will admit me to the hospital.. oh good gawd.. this wasn't supposed to happen. So fingers crossed the anti biotics kick in tomorrow.


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So sorry - really hope the antiB's kick in soon.
Sweetpea!!!! I am here for you my love!!!!! Didn't realise youv'e been so unwell hunnie hope you are feeling better now? xxxxxxxxx

Hi Madferret nice to see you again!! xx
You devil xxx I'm flippin sick of it hun... been ill since the day after the ball.. every flaming virus is finding me.. havn't been out since Boxing Day :eek:( left for Bristol Christmas Morning then back the following morning. Not sure when starting proper.. starting by cutting down on carbs etc.. chat on FB xx good luck for tomo xx

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