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    In order to be a success at Cambridge you need to make a commitment to the Cambridge Plan, to get your mind in the right place for you to succeed.

    Author: Carol Solomon, Ph.D.
    Diet and Weight Loss - Are You Ready to Lose Weight

    The most important point is making that commitment to Cambridge.

    Make a list of the reasons you want to lose weight. Look at it every day to remind yourself of why you are doing this.

    Know that you are not 'depriving' yourself of anything. The thoughts of 'not being able to have x,y,z' is very often what will make people fall off the wagon. Instead, think of it as 'I am CHOOSING' not to have chocolate, beefburgers, biscuits, or whatever, so that I stick to my Cambridge plan and achieve the results that you want.

    Do some visualisation - see yourself in your mind's eye looking in a full length mirror as you really truly want to be - see yourself trying on different outfits, see yourself from all angles. This exercise of visualisation really does help with your motivation and your desire to succeed. Do this every day, twice a day preferably, once as soon as you awaken in the morning and again during the day if you feel your resolve is slipping. Look through the internet or catalogues and see an outfit you really like and see yourself in that outfit and looking spectacular.

    Wishing you well on your journey.
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  3. Hedgemag

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    Brillant post...very wise words
  4. Linda5111

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    Great post C.Q.... it's really helped me and made me think about a few things.
  5. Porgeous

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    Excellent post CQ I think we can all associate with those stages, it has increased my determination even more.

  6. ninababes

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    We use this same process at work for people with personality disorders and obsessive compulsive disorders lol
  7. Dis

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    hmmm kinda makes me wonder, nina! lol
  8. Isis

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    Hi guys :D

    Prochaska & DiClemente's "Cycle of Change" is something I work with every day in my job really. It's a powerful theory when looking at readiness to change, in my case, supporting people with drug and alcohol issues.

    It's very common to go around the cycle quite a few times before you eventually succeed and make a positive change. Especially where addictive behaviours are the issue. We're all human aren't we though?

    I usually meet up with new clients when they are at the "contemplation " stage. I believe that with the appropriate intervention at this stage, most people can actually identify where they are and what they can do about it with the right level of support. Action can then begin. :D

    We are a complex lot aren't we? really is all in the head, all about perception in my opinion.

    Lacey xx :)
  9. Marylyn

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    Excellent post C & Q

    I hope this post is read by everyone on any diet.

    I would like to add that following on from your last paragraph, a dieter will practice until they are as near perfect as they can become. By staying with some form of plan they will succeed. Even one pound a week will bring a loss of 52lbs in a year.

    As everyone knows Cambridge works a lot faster than that, but most people can have a break from sole source, eat sensibly, still lose weight and still feel they are a success, which they are!

    So Good Luck to all. The one's who stay with it get the results. You will NEVER regret getting slim - that's a promise.

    Marylyn xx
  10. Kangy

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    Excellent post - thank you. I woke up this morning thinking "oh maybe I won't go back on today" and the main reason - because I spend the whole tim ethinking "I will miss x,y,z foods". I hadn't noticed it til I just read this post but it screamed out at me!

    So now on when I think this I will change my way pf thinking and start visualising more!

    Thank you very much!

    K xx
  11. Cute'n'Quirky

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    It definitely does work!
  12. Cute'n'Quirky

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    Someone made this a *sticky* and now it isn't!
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