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Making Time for Myself


Rather comfy here
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Hiya since the birth of my daughter in 09 I have noticed that over time I stopped making time for myself. On my list of priorities I am not even on the list!

It's got to a point that even simple things like making sure I brush my teeth daily dropped down to every other day (if that)

I made sure that I lost my baby weight (3 stone) but after that I never focused on myself. I'm now pregnant again and Ive decided that I need to focus on me as well otherwise I will totally lose myself!

I know its silly but I'm making sure I brush my teeth twice a day, put on face cream daily and do my nails regularly rather than walking around with chipped nail varnish.

My clothes are put on hold until after I go the birth of my little bundle is due and any extra weight I have I'm aiming to lose

Good luck to everyone on their weight loss journey and make sure you make time for yourselves x
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That's a lovely post. Congratulations on your pregnancy!. I remember feeling exactly the same as you after my son was born and even sometimes now. Whenever I had time to myself, all I wanted was sleep but there was always things that needed to be done in the house..I used to wander around semi-comatose and didn't even recognise myself in the mirror.
It's amazing how much better you feel when you do something small for yourself. Look after yourself and let us know how you get on.

big bear

A bear on a mission!
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I know exactly how you feel, I've 2 wee ones (4 months & 2) I never get any time for myself. Even to get in the shower in the morning it's difficult. I can't even get up before them to get showered as my son get's up any time between 6am-7am. Luckily my H comes home about 9am & I get chance to have a shower & that's about it.

Also they must come with a manual to tell them that every time their Mammy sits down to eat that one of them cries or needs attention.

Some weeks I don't even get out of the house it's so much hassle getting both ready, bags ready, bottles ready etc & because I live in a flat 2 flights of stairs up it's getting them both down. Also I don't drive so need a double buggy.

Every couple of months I get an evening out with the girls & I like to do myself up & feel like me again not just a Mammy...

It's difficult but you'll be fine X


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It gets easier as they get older I promise. When my boys were little I was like a zombie- they are 15 months apart and I can just remember having one in a cot, one in a Moses basket both howling, and needing to get up the school to pick up my 6 year old.
My kids are now 13,7,6 and 2 and the 2 year old is the only one home during the day now and already I'm turning into one of those old bags (I'm 34 lol) who goes round going "oh enjoy every minute, they grow up so fast" lol
I only now feel like I'm getting "me" back- my weightloss is a huge part of reclaiming me. I have devoted my twenties and early thirties to my kids and look forward to being fab and thirty-five with a much smaller bum and a new career as a slimming world consultant- my new groups open 3 days before my 35th birthday
Good luck with your baby- I'm still a tiny bit jealous everytime I see someone with a new one!! Xx

Hamish's Mum

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try to make sure that you do get 'me' back.

My children are 17 and 14, and I feel like I have lost 'me' completely. I am not on any priority list and I know I have to change things or else I will be lost forever.

Make sure you have lots of you time, things you enjoy doing and keep at it, that is what I am hoping to start doing for myself now.


Rather comfy here
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Thank you everyone.

It's so easy to put everyone first, especially as they are more demanding on me than I am of myself.

One thing I am gonna make sure I do once baby is born, is to really think about a restyle of clothes and start building up a great wardrobe. I only own abt 30 items if clothing if that!

It's just easy to put myself to one side
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I think as a mum - we find it very hard to make me time- I had 2 babies 20 months apart and now the week before my baby's 3 rd birthday I have finally made me time- It is important -but it always seems to get bumped- I am only 7 months behind schedule on this planned me time. My mum reminded me last week that I had said this year was some time for me- I had chosen to forget I had said it!! So it is good to say it publicly so you can be reminded at a later date!!
Mother's guilt is a terrible thing- lol-;)
Cheekypasterfield - enjoy every min of your pregnancy and don't wait 3 years to carry out your plan!!
You deserve it!!! :)


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I'm exactly the same hun, I too had my first baby in 09, I'm not pregnant yet but we will be trying again early next year, however I still don't make time for me, its getting harder too as she's getting older a few months ago it was easy to leave her playing in her cot while I had a shower, now she just wants to be playing downstairs and I won't let her without me watching her. I now have to wait til hubby gets home from work, even then its difficult to find the time with him needing to do his running training, our daughter needing her bath and him needing his shower and then me cooking our tea once DD is in bed. I'm looking for evening work now to top up DHs earnings so it will be even harder to find me time. I was exactly the same with even forgetting to brush my teeth some days evn though my daughter does hers twice a day, which has resulted in about 6 fillings and 4 trips to the dentists, the last of which being today, so i now brush at least twice a day and floss and use mouthwash, there is no way I'm going through that again lol.

Good luck with everything, hope you manage to keep up the me time once your new baby arrives. I think the more you take care of yourself the easier it becomes. xxx


Rather comfy here
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Well I'm pleased with myself, since I put my post up....I've made sure I brush my teeth day (luckily the dentist said my teeth are fine, so got away with it this time) I'm moisturising my face every evening and my nails are starting to look better.

They may seem silly to other people but its a massive deal for me. It's weird but these little things was contributing to me feeling down. Now I'm making a 'effort' I'm feeling better.

My next projects are to start putting on some make up. I'm very lucky I don't need foundation but I do have dark circles so some concealer and mascara is next

I lost two pound this week, which I really didn't plan to do. I think its come off my hips cos I don't feel so 'Hippy'

Now just got to keep it up lol


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Thats fab, keep up the good work! xxx

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