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Making up the shaker drinks


Getting there!!!
i doubt it would make a difference hun cause you can use less to make a mousse.. but id say it might leave you hungry quicker if you put way more in than the 240ml cause its just like water then?
At the start I had read the instructions on the bag wrong and was making mine up with 450mls for a couple of days, I still lost plenty of weight in the first week! It's fine but just factor the extra amount of water used in and make sure it doesn't put you over the 4L daily maximum of extra water x


Getting there!!!
oh,i never thought of ice! that would defo fill u up quicker,hmm gonna try that in the morning :)

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Adding ice makes a change. I found, after some weeks, the shakes start to taste a bit yeuchy. Adding loads of ice altered the taste a little and made them more palatable. Anything for variety!
Good luck all.


Sakora Princess Warrior
When I first attempted Lipotrim the pharmacy reccomended putting more water in the shakes if I found it hard to drink the extra 2ltrs of water daily. I didnt find it difficult to drink the water in fact I probably drank too much when I did it first as I see now they say no more than 4 litres. ANyhow ya you can do it :)

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