malt loaf

Discussion in 'Orlistat (Xenical)' started by xnatx, 22 June 2009 Social URL.

  1. xnatx

    xnatx Full Member

    Has anyone had this while on xenical?

    My kids love it and when i gave my son some this morning i noticed that it said less than 3% fat so i read and it was! I didnt eat any though incase it was one of thoughs that had 'good but bad fats in' anyone tried cos it would be great to nibble on a bit of that as a snack its sweet too!

    Maybe i will give it a go this afternoon!
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  3. fight_the_urge

    fight_the_urge Full Member

    Personally, I'd go for it, have a slice. Then you'll know for sure, as everyone is different, so what effects someone badly you might be able to get away with!
  4. hayles

    hayles Full Member

    I HAVE!!!
    weight watchers do one, found it down the bread aisle is Asds, i was truley thrilled! its already sliced too so the nutritional info thats on the packet is helpful becuase its by the slice - and it tastes exactly as if it were soreen or something!! hard to not put butter on it (YUM) but to be honest its in my mouth so quick there isnt time!!
    enjoy!! :D
    H xx
  5. hayles

    hayles Full Member

  6. KayMarie

    KayMarie Full Member

    Yeah, I have this as part of my lunch sometimes! Definitely good for the sweet toothes in the house, this and spice cake, thats stupidly low in fat as well!
  7. xnatx

    xnatx Full Member

    Brilliant thanks guys, i tried some anyway so far so good, i cant imagine it would cause any problems but you never no! x
  8. kae

    kae gunna be a fatty for ever

    ooooh whats spice cake and where do i get it!! lol

  9. Hey hun,

    I have had malt loaf too, Very yummy! with no problems :D

    Didn`t know about Spiced Cake, Thanks Kay!

    LiSe x
  10. KayMarie

    KayMarie Full Member

    Just from asda I think??
  11. Asda too far from me, Will have a look in Tescos ;) x
  12. Tiitanium

    Tiitanium Gold Member

    i love malt loaf & no problems here :p
  13. KayMarie

    KayMarie Full Member

    I'm not sure where the spice cake is from, boyfriends mother brought it round for us! I will ask though!

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