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Malteaser Bunny...

Get one, get one! I couldn't wait til this afternoon to eat it, so I just had it. It's LUSH!!!!!
I saw them in the newsagents near us, but they were 65p - which I thought was quite steep for a small bar of choc!! x
Amazing! I cannot wait to get my hands on one of those!

Ooh how does the easter bunny stay fit?

Wait for it....

Eggscercise, particularily hareobics!

I'm sorry - I can't help being a loser :)
lol! x
Mine was 54p in Asda and worth it!

I mustn't get into the habit of having one a day though...cos I am rather tempted at the moment. Fwoarggh!!!
I've seen them in several shops but a bit pricey.
Would rather have my wine in the evening.......
My Easter presents off my mum in the past have included - slippers, wine, necklace and a bottle of decorative fruit for my kitchen. My mum is great.
I have given my mum an empty new look gift card and this easter the money my family would spend on an egg for me will be pooled together and put on the card
I nearly brought one today but was concerned about the syn value so didn't. Now I know its only 8 syns I will get one next time I go in


Mad old Bat with Attitude
Funnily enough Rachel, I'd noticed this! Thought I was going gaga! Glad it's not just me!
na, i dont have such look as it hurting my teeth!! x


soon to be skinny minnie
Oh i love these, they are so yummy. In Morrisons they are 58p and i thought that was quite steep. It is ok if you are buying 1 but i was buying one for my family so i bought 6 so it came to over £3:eek:


Desperate to be slim!
I picked up one of these in Morrisons earlier. I am now resisting it, and am not going to eat it until I have got myself all ready for a day in school tomorrow to get ready for next half term.


No Coffee, No Workee
I'm not that keen on maltesers to start with and they sound quite pricey! I'll stick with my Kitkat Senses bars I think - also 8 syns but cheaper!

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