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MAM...Why only one a day?


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im not sure on the answer either but i would imagine it is to limit the extra calories (albeit not many calories). Having said that, i technically have 2 servings a day as i use one serving of MAM to make my choc tetra mousse and i use a serving of supercook gelatine to make the jelly, and before i looked into the gelatine i was using MAM in the jelly too.it doesnt affect me but i guess if u were having 3-4 mousses a day every day it would mount up over time. ( still not enough to dramatically affect weightloss but it may cause some small differences IMO)
i wouldnt give up my daily trifle for anything though. (give us this day and my daily trifle) lol


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Thanks for that Cheryl!:hug99:
See if I had my way I'd have it for every meal...maybe I'll try having it for 2 meals a day for a couple of weeks and see if it makes any difference to my weight losses (how could it when I only average 2lbs a week at the moment!!!).


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I know MAM is a few extra calories (as is chicken on ss+!) but I was wondering if there is any other reason we are only meant to have one a day?
erm.. sorry to sound a bit thick, but what is MAM?

debs x


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