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Mamma Caz signing on


Have a serene day!!
Hiya all.,

Just been given the link to this by my Cambridge Guru, she is also an old friend of 6 or 7 years.

Was very envious when I saw her last year for the first time in about 6 months and was flabergasted by how great she looked. She was never big to start with but looking at her before and afters well I would never have thought it.

I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes last year, have always been a big girl but it was the age old story after having the kiddi winkies I ballooned to 17.5st. Have come down over the years but was yo-yoing between upper 15st and 16.5st.

Anyway I was lucky with my GP he knew the ins and outs of the CDiet and also specialised in Diabetes so was quite happy to sign me up.

I am just starting my fourth week of 1200kcal step and I have lost 8lbs as of last thursday that is.

I also attend what I charmingly call 'Fat Club' at the GP surgery once a week to be weighed and have in total since 3rd October lost 18lbs.

I didn't get into the GP diet very well, although a lot of sound advice my problem was portion control, so I had already started Calorie counting when I went and signed on the Cambridge, so it was no big deal to cut down again.

I have to say that the Cambridge is really good even though I am only on the 1200kcal I am finding it quite easy (famous last words) and I love the shakes.

I want to do Sole Source but I daren't until I have been for my consultant visit which is 29th March until my long term levels are down I cannot come off the meds, so because I am cutting down on the intake I have cut my meds to suit otherwise I find I have 'funnies' and end up having to eat sweets which is no good especially when you miss them anyway.

Well I have gone on long enough, take care guys.
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Wow well done on your loss, great that your meds intake is being reduced.....Good luck, this site is fantastic


Back again!
Ello me darlin, you know who this is of course;)

So glad you found the site, it's great here, the water's warm & the natives are friendly.

You're doing a fine job, so keep up the good work.

p.s. don't want to distract you but have you been t'arcade yet - be warned - it's addictive:eek:


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Hi Caz,

Excellent weight loss on 1200:)

Are you out walking or doing any form of exercise as well?

Congrats' on doing so well also on your meds! That is brill news.

Love Mini xxx


Serial Foodie!
welcome to minis. well done on the weightloss so far. hope u enjoy the forum!



Have a serene day!!
Hiya folks.,

Back online, didn't have chance to look last night, Waking the Dead & ER on telly sad to say I am an addict.

Thanks for the support from all of you, it is great to know that you are not alone.

As regards exercise, I do the normal housework, but I have horses and I have to muck out 3 of them everyday and turn out and bring in at night, also I help my Mum out with hers, taking hay up the field to the horses that live out and that is all done on a wheelbarrow, but if I walk about 2 miles a day thats it.

I know I should walk more, but the kids have a wearing effect and when I get home all I want to do is chill.

I figure that while the horses are in and need doing I am burning at least 250 calories a day, so I am happy with that, am not going to go down the guilt trip route anymore.