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Man in need of weightloss help


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Hi Adam - You're in the right place for help. I guess it depends if you want to forsake food and break those bad habits or go for restricted food, i.e. Weight watchers or slim fast. How much do you want to lose???? I'm on a very low cal diet (W8 but swapping to cambridge soon) and have lost 30 lbs in about 7 weeks so that's a quick but hard way of reducing your weight quickly. Maybe take a look around the forums and see what suits you? good luck with whatever you decide, you'll get loads of support here. x
I'm sure one of the weight watchers people will confirm but I think you can have wine and beer if you save up points. It'll cost you though!


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Ha, if only we'd all be on it there was!

Welcome Pub, you are defo in the right place for support, there's oodles here. Good luck!
Hi Adam and welcome. With regards to exercise im not really in a position to advise but have found that it definitely helps to find something that one enjoys and its easier to stick to, for me its walking at the moment and i know what you mean about the gym i tried my work one for a while but didnt really enjoy it and ended up not going. I also go to an aerobics class which is part of the slimming club i go to. Anyway best of luck with whatever you decide. x
Pub, you sound like you're in an almost identical position to myself!

Good luck with it, though. Hopefull we can both have Beckhamesque bodies in time for next years summer!


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I guess if you don't want to go too extreme and still be able to eat out and drink, it's got to be following something like Weight Watchers!

Good luck in whatever you decide anyway.
Wow thanks for all the quick replies. I feel good already! What I really want to do is sort of create my own diet, that works for me. I like my wine, I do like exercise but the weight just dont seem to shift so must be the diet.... Suppose I just need to go through it with a fine tooth comb. I would really like to know whats best to eat at lunch / evening around going to the gym (carb, protien etc....)


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I guess you just need to up the fruit/veg; decrease bad foods and cut down on the alcohol. Or just count calories there are plenty of downloadable spreadsheets and stuff for calories in things. Good luck!
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Good afternoon everyone.

I'm 24, male from yorkshire and weigh 107.2kg

I'm sick of being so big and want to loose the old beer gut! I've started going to the gym again but I'm no good at it really. So I thought I'd join here to try and get some dieting/exercising advice to try and help me drop the weight.

Hi Adam,

Welcome and Good luck!
As for the beer and Wine, like others have saidWeightwatchers is probably an idea. You get X amount of points each day and you can save/use some of your daily amount for beer/wine at the weekend/whenever. You dont necessarily have to join WW, there's a site where you could find out how many points your allowed and you could find the points for food either on one of the lists in Weightwatchers or ask one of us that are on Weightwatchers. Or you could always go for the first week, get the books then do it from home, weighing in yourself at home. Best of luck with whichever way you choose x
Hiya, yeah it is, you're weight will vary too much. Stick to once a week on the same scales at the same time of day for an accurate reading.

As for the exercise part, see if your gym has a BODY PUMP class. It burns calories fast and helps build muscle instead. It's also a class that has quite a lot of men in, so you won't feel awkward.

Good luck x

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