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    Hi all, I have once again started the Cambridge Diet Sole source. Once upon a time I lost 5/6 stone on CD but never went through the stages, finished SS and started eating like I did before. The result was an increase in 7 stone over a short period of time.

    Anyway, getting very very close to 20 stone I joined Slimming World a few weeks ago, first week went well and I lost 7 lbs. Temptation and poor will power crept in plus the school holidays with the children and that 7lbs plus a few more go back on.

    While sat in Frankie and Bennies on Monday 14/04 eating a 3 course lunch I think to myself what the hell am I doing. I turn 30 in September, have 2 young children yet can barely keep up with a 4 year old.

    I then thought about the times I had dieted before, many many times. I came to the conclusion I was most happiest and successful on the CD. I failed to reflect on the bad parts only the good and made a decision to ring my CD counsellor that day 14/04. I called her and that evening she popped over to drop the items off and have the chat. I always got on the my CD counsellor, very supportive and I enjoyed the one on one approach. Anyway, I started on the Tuesday 15/04 and am today starting day 3.

    So far it's going ok but I have struggled a couple of times as expected. At the moment I am struggling with why I got back into this position, thinking about my health and the money wasted. I really cannot believe I have been so short sighted.

    Anyway, 3 days if including this one at 100%.
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  3. Phil3822

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    To demonstrate my yo yo diet way of life, I have already decided to go back to Slimming World rather than keep with the Cambridge. Typical only less than 3 days in however looking at my long term relationship with food I just need something more flexible. Will move over to the Slimming World part of the forum next week when I join. I feel bad about this.
  4. Don't feel bad .... Look we all want to lose weight but what you have failed to recognise is that you have identified that this isn't a vanity thing nor a crusade to be slim.... It's a journey to change bad habits, to become fitter and healthier.

    Don't beat yourself up- you aren't given up simply realising that the impact of CD (whilst yes you will lose) may not be sustainable long term for you as it hasn't been previously an what's the point losing to then gain it all again?!

    I'm not doing. A specific diet however I understand the importance of having a healthy relationship with food and understand your body an eating habits, it's about changing those habits for the better, and by using a total meal replacement diet (I won't lie I have done this) it doesn't teach you really anything about food and eating healthy,

    I would love to say use it to make an impact an get some weight off then try SW however honestly - many people can do exactly that with SW.
    SW will stop you feeling miserable that you aren't consuming foods you love and their adverts say you can still have the things you love. They will teach you about portion control and moderation an you will lose weight at the same time.

    It's a no brainer- there really is no need to feel so down about this decision- it's a positive move.

    Just think of your babies - one day you'll be running round them having fun and the next enjoying a very healthy appetising picnic where you will feel satisfied

    Good luck with your journey! Stay strong and positive!
  5. Phil3822

    Phil3822 Member

    Thank you for your words, very kind. I just keep reflecting on my last CD journey and although could do it really do not think I can have that large an impact on my life for 6 months plus on SS. Hence SW I feel would be more of a lifetime/lifestyle choice. Again, thanks for your post. Really nice and helpful.

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