Management - is it worth the wait?


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I've been told management is the most important part of the journey for LLers.

I've got another 10 weeks roughly to go on sole sourcing before I reach my goal weight. The expense of that is scary! I had only intended to do the 14 weeks as a head start but have kept on.

I'm not getting much out of development and am considering switching to the cheaper cambridge diet - however, I really wanted to do the management program of LL. I can't go away and do CD then switch back to LL management so I don't know what to do.:sigh:

For any of those of you who have done Management can you tell me how useful it was please?:confused:
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well I am still in foundation, but having read AJ's thread about management on here I am already convinced that doing the 12 weeks of management is an important part of LL. Learning to eat again is going to be tricky, but management takes you through it step by step.


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please please please do management - it is the most important part of the program - I did LL 3 years ago and lost 7 1/2 stone - was few pounds away from mgt but stupidly thought I can do this alone - dont need that - well 3 years on i had gained 3 stone and still had no idea of what foods were good for me - triggers etc - I am now on CD and well on way to target but the biggest regret is not doin the managemnt part of the program previously so will work with my cdc this time to introduce foods etc to maintain the weightloss.
Good Luck in your decision


I learnt very little about myself whilst on packs - just did as I was told - but blimey when you get back to food thats when the work begins and you need your counsellor!
I still see my counsellor and I have been at this weight since June last year - don't break the ties too soon!


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Stabilisation and maintenance on either CD or LL are absolutely key to keeping the weight off.



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Kath, please do management. I did LL last year and rushed into management because I was moving to a new area in the country and wanted to be through it before I moved. I didn't finish it properly I have struggled immensely since then and there is no LL group near me at all. I put 2 stone back on and have currently lost 1 stone of that on CD. But I miss my group so much and regret not finishing my journey properly. If I could do one thing again, I would do that!

I too found development hard - it was very "wishy-washy" without any real goals or timescales - when you are doing 100 days there is light at the end of the tunnel! Good luck with whatever you decide but I would recommend doing the job properly - I know it is expensive but the amount of money I spent on junk food in the last 3 months would have more than paid for my weekly meeting!


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Thanks for all your answers everyone :)

I do really want to do management just not sure I should hang on and do it on LL. Was thinking of switching to CD and then going into their management instead.....I hadn't realised previously that CD do a management program but now I've just found out that they do it's giving me food for thought.

This development is so wishy washy, I agree with you there westie. Feel like the extra money I'm spending during this development time is a complete waste. I loved foundation but this development lark is rubbish - feel like I'm being ripped off.

Now I'm in a real dilemma. I am definitely going to do management but wondering whether I should go for it on Cambridge instead.

I am moving to Australia in September anyway so it's not like I'll be able to pop into my counsellor from there - if I was staying in this country then I'd probably stick with LL purely for the fact that once you've done management you can keep on going to see your LLC for free. Which I think would be very useful. Just not for me.

I'm rambling now aren't I :eek: