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Management question.....

To all of you Route to Management veterans..... can you have smoked mackerel as your protein option? I love that stuff they sell all vacuum packed that is ready to eat - but it seems too lardy for Lighter Life?

Any help gratefully received!

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Hi Leesy

Smoked Mackrel is fine - like you said though it is higher in calories and fat than say Chicken is or other white fish... however it is full of wonderful nutirents and the ever important Omega 3 - so I say go for it, just don't have it every night of the week and only have a small fillet (they are generally quite small in those packs you mentioned anyway!)

I adored a smoked mackrel and prawn salad in early RTM <belly rumbles loudly> but sadly I am back in abstinence at the moment so it will be about 6 weeks until I can enjoy that again!!

Not far for you though Leesy - you go girl

Love Laura
Thanks Laura - that's great. I think I will try it, but keep it small and now and again as you recommend. I am starting RtM tonight - I still have a few pounds to lose before my goal, but I feel ready for the next stage, and am hoping those last few pounds will slip off over the next few weeks - and if they don't then I will survive - I am smaller now than I can ever remember being as an adult, so it is time to enjoy it!

Haven't seen you post for a while - how is the locum work going? I am considering training as a locum myself, so interested to hear how it is going for you!

Good luck with the return to abstinence - I am sure it won't take you long at all and you can be enjoying that smoked mackerel and prawn salad again. (Isn't it funny how your cravings can change! )


Hi Leesy

I totally love the locum work and I can't reccommend it enough. Obviously it depends on your counsellor how many hours you will be able to work and it does help if these hours are regular so you keep your hand in and get to know your clients.

It has obviously given me a greater understanding of the counselling which has helped immensely - however, it is not easy to deliver a RTM or Management session when you are in abstinence yourself - so beware, if your reasons for becoming a locum are to help you maintain your weightloss then think again.... working long hours and listening to clients telling you about their lapses on an almost daily basis can test even the strongest of willpower!

However, I enjoy the job so very much that this little downside is irrelevant! A little bit of extra planning and organisation is all it takes to keep myself on track!

I say if you are really interested go for it - have a VERY open chat with your LLC about anything that concerns you and don't be shy about asking for regular hours and pay information (including holidays etc).

I just wish I could leave my day job and do it fulltime I love it so much

Good luck Leesy - keep in touch and let me know what you decide

Love Laura
What is a Locum?
Hi Ladylite

A locum is a "stand-in" or assistant counsellor. We support our LLC and stand-in to run classes and do information sessions.

Basically if your counsellor was ever sick or on holiday - a Locum would run that class instead of the class being cancelled.

Locums are trained to deliver sessions, do weigh-ins, handle admin work around the office and deliver information sessions but we are not fully trained counsellors (that takes 2 years hard graft to achieve) and don't run the business side of things.

Hope that helps

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