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Hi everyone.

I Have been doing SW Extra Easy for three weeks on tuesday and lost 3lb my first week and 2.5lb this week. I am part way through my third week and want to start my food diary to see if i am doing it ok. I know i have had a loss but i have quit smoking the same day i started SW and am worried i may be eating too much fruit. I seem to be eating lots of grapes throughout the day, probably around a large punnet a day!! Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Breakfast 2 Weetabix with milk

Snacks Grapes and banana mid morning.

Lunch Chicken salad with salad crean (2.5 syns) Wholemeal Roll no

Dinner Fillet steak Jacket potatoe teaspoon clover light 2.5 syns

Options hot choc and strawberry muller lite snack pot (2.5 for hot choc)


Breakfast Lean bacon, Mushrooms, tomatoes, Beans & fired egg (fry-lite)

Lunch Banana Orange and a grapes

Dinner SW chips with SW kiev (from SW approved butcher) Jacket Potatoe and large portion of mixed veg from SF list.

Muller Lite Yoghurt & Options Hot choc (2.5)


Breakfast 2 Weetabix

Lunch Half Ham salad brown baguette no butter salad and salad cream (2.5) syns??

Dinner SW chips with 2 eggs and mushy peas

Strawberry Muller lite snackpot and Options Hot choc again:D 2.5

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