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Hi, everyone. Today's my first day here and my first day of getting back to normal.

A little about me: I *used* to weigh between 125 lbs and 133. That was my *norm*, which is a pretty good weight range for me. I'm 5'5 and have 4 kids. I maintained that weight range for years, and then... all hell broke loose in our lives.

My hubby (20 years married) was suddenly laid off from his corporate job after 15 years of dedication and faithful service. It was terrifying for me! We've been used to a nice income, and all of a sudden, we had no idea how we were going to survive and take care of our 4 kids. :(

I'm happy to report that my hubby is now happily employed again in a job that he actually likes better than the one he had previously. That's the good news! :D Now for the bad news. :p

During his time of unemployment, we ate and ate and ate and ate... LOL! :giggle: He's super tall and naturally thin, so he gained weight slowly and lost it super fast after he returned to work. I, on the other hand, gained a dramatic amount of weight quickly, and then I kept eating out of habit, even after hubby was happily reemployed. :rolleyes:

As of today, my weight is 174.6! :scale: I have to do something right now! :eek:

I stated in another thread that I've not bought a single larger article of clothing, therefore, I have a huge closet full of lovely clothing in small sizes... and only three shirts that fit me. I'm currently wearing stretchy pants under long sweaters!! :ashamed0005:

So, here we go.

It's early afternoon and I've not eaten much today because I've not had time. I had half a sandwich, consisting of half a slice of turkey breast with mustard. Not enough nutrition. I'll eat a banana in a few minutes. I know I don't want to get very hungry, otherwise I'll be tempted to reach for something fast and not-so-healthy.

It's been a busy day so far with the kiddies, but I'll be sure to make time for good nutrition. Getting started is the hard part. I've been out of practice in choosing healthy foods, so I've sort of forgotten what my tasty and nutritions stand-by's used to be, before my days of stress eating began a year ago.

Have a wonderful day, everyone! :hug99:


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You can do it Mandy! One step, one pound at a time and you'll get there especially with those smaller clothes in the wardrobe. I am tackling my gain for the last time its off for good now. I too have some lovely clothes i can't get inbto and I have them in my sights! Its not a race, and I know that at times like Christmas I will sin a bit now and again. I accept it, and will put it in to loop and carry on in the new year. I'm not going to beat myself up about the odd pound or two gained here and there. So long as it comes off, in the grand order of things it is only a flea bite isn't it?