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Feeling good today, didn't go on my run yesterday though as we had a lil crisis and it meant meeting someone at the hospital and driving across the other side of town in rush hour.

Food wise - everything went to plan, except instead of tuna I had smoked salmon and it was lovely. I love smoke salmon and glad its free on EE and red days.

I've got a work dinner / social tonight a at burger joint, where the burgers are massive and the side portions are huge. Not salads on the menu (it's not that kind of place), but you can order a salad as a side. So I'm going to use up all my syns for the week probably and have a burger with a side salad. Meaning, I'm not going crazy, but still enjoying myself and the food - it's a compromise :).

As tonight's dinner sends things out of sync my meals today is going to be a reddish day I think.

Breakfast - bowl of melon

Lunch - same a yesterday (mainly because that's what I've got in the kitchen at work). 2 60g wholemeal rolls (HEB x 2), 2 slices of Kerry Low Low (HEA), 2 table spoons of branston pickle (2 syns), small chunks, some crispy salad leaves and a strawberry muller light.

Dinner - Burger and Salad.

Drinks - 5 pints of water, 1 x coffee, 3 x teas

Exercise - None :( not going to have time today - which means 2 days off in a row, will have to make up for it majorly this weekend.



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Friday 15th August

It's Friday :)

I want to reach my goal of 210lbs by Monday....I might just push that date back to Wednesday. I haven't been on the scales for over a week and I'm feeling pretty good at the moment - clothes seem to fit better and my tummy feels flatter. However I know from experience this could all be in the mind.

My big aim for the weekend is to stay on plan all weekend. Today I'm going to have a red day and follow it up with two extra easy days over the weekend. I also plan to up date my diary over the weekend too, as filling this in every day gives me 10 minutes of reflecting the last 24 hours and planning the next 24 hours. It's going to be tough on Sunday as we're going to a Christening and I have no idea what the food is going to be like there.

I'm not feeling half marathon fit either and I've got less than 2 months to go - so this weekend I'm really challenging myself exercise wise to increase my endurance (and burn some fat off in the process).

Weekend Exercise Challenge:
Friday - 1.5 hours on the cross trainer, 30 mins on the treadmill. (Friday night at the gym, oh how my life has changed!)
Saturday - 45 minute run on treadmill
Sunday - 8K run

Hopefully I won't burn out and miss a day - but I will try and listen to my body too.

Yesterday went OK - the work dinner didn't go as healthy as planned, in fact it went quiet the opposite - but I enjoyed it and don't feel too guilty, sneaked a little naughty G&T in there too. I couldn't really count syns and I couldn't worked out how things were cooked, but I can gurantee it was a lot. To make up for it today I'm going to drink lots of water to flush all the crap out my system, and have lighter meals with lots of veggies.

Still quiet full from yesterday, so just a Strawberry Muller Light

Leafy Chicken Salad with Parmesan shavings (HEA x 1) (we're off to the pub again as it's Friday tradition, fingers crossed this is still on specials).

Omlette with mushrooms, leeks, peppers, tomatoes, beans (eating all the veggies up in the fridge kind of dinner).

5-6 pints of water (planning on sweating a lot later + need to flush everything out from yesterday) and 1 x coffee and 3 x tea with semi-skimmed milk (HEA x 2).

Happy Friday :)


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Happy Friday chick, food looks lovely. Busy weekend for you, I need to up my water too.. slacking so much recently!! x


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Change of plan - now having a green day.

Only thing that really changes is my lunch - now have a jacket potato with cheese (HEA) and mushrooms


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Been a bit quiet on here for a few days, extremely busy weekend followed by a family emergency, disaster on Sunday night, that I really can't go into detail has meant I've not had time to update my diary, either on here or on Slimming World online.

However today was the dreaded weigh-in day, after having a week off the scales last week, this morning (feeling a bit slumpy and lethargic, as I've manage to catch a bad cold in all of this craziness too) I jumped on the scales. Petrified of what the number might be I closed my eyes, slowly opening them to reveal 211.1lbs YAY!! That's two and half pounds down and TOTM has popped up again, so I'm a happy bunny.

I'm liking the mix of red and green days, and then extra easy weekends.

Todays Plan: RED DAY

Breakfast - 1/4 honey dew melon

Lunch - 2 x 60g wholemeal rolls (2x HEB) with 2 slices of Kerry Low Low (1 X HEA) with 2 tble spoons of Branstons Pickle (2 Syns) and Salad leaves

Dinner - 2 boiled eggs, 2 rashers of fat trimmed bacon with lettuce, cucumber, spring onions, tomatoes, beetroot

Exercise - 5K run (probably on the treadmill)

Drinks - 1 x coffee and 3 x tea with semi-skimmed milk (1 x HEA) and 5 pints of water


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Yesterday didn't go to plan, but didn't go too far off plan. Didn't make my run, but did clean the house a lot. The Mother-in-Law is coming over this weekend, so have to make sure the house is spotless.

A colleague brought me a flake, and I ate that as they are only 8.5 syns each - YAY, I can have chocolate. I also followed up my dinner with an ice lolly that was only 3 syns, so 13.5 syns for the day.

Today's plan - Red Day

Breakfast - Honey Dew Melon

Lunch - Salad: Spinach leaves, spring onions, beetroot, tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber, with ham, cheese; kerry low low (HEA x 1) and 2 tablespoons of branstons pickle (2 syns)

Dinner - Steak (no fat), with Salad and grilled aubergines. Followed by Helter Skelter ice lolly (3 syns)

Not got my HEB's in there yet, not sure where I'm going to put them in, as I don't have any cereal bars in the house to have as a snack, may just have to get a wholemeal roll for my lunch from the local shop.

Drinks - 5 pints of water, 1 x coffee, 3 x tea with semi-skimmed milk (HEA x 1)

Exercise - 30 min run, then clean the house till its shining


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Added 2 x 60g wholemeal rolls to my lunch - so put everything in there and made two very filling sandwiches. So got my 2 x HEB :)


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YAY it's Friday :). Which means last day in the office and 3 days off (woo bank holiday weekend). It's going to be a busy weekend, but I want to plan to keep on track. I'm not going to be to post on here, as I just won't have time to get the laptop out and update things so I thought I'd put my plan for the next 4 days up here. As there are lots of things going on, I'm going to have 4 Extra Easy days :).

Friday: Extra Easy

Breakfast - Sliced honey dew melon with peach and pineapple muller light

Lunch - Have to pop out at lunch to run some errands, so going to go to Sainsburys and 'treat' myself to a selection from their salad bar - avoiding anything with mayo etc (think I'll stick to their tomato pasta, cous cous and veggies).

Dinner - going out for a curry, so going to have a chicken dhansak (6.5 syns) and boiled rice and a poppadom (2 syns)

Drinks - 5 pints of water, 1 x coffee and 2 x tea with semi-skimmed milk (HEA).

Exercise - None, no time today :(

** still have to sneak my HEB in, will probably find something at lunch for it.

Saturday - Extra Easy

Breakfast - Bacon and scrambled eggs with wholemeal roll (HEB)

Lunch - Chicken salad

Dinner - Jacket Potato with beans

Exercise - 1 hour run on the crosstrainer in the morning

Drinks - Coffee with semi-skimmed milk (HEA) and 5 pints of water

** we are going to Thorpe Park on Saturday evening, so lunch / dinner might just be rolled into a big late lunch somewhere instead.

Sunday - Extra Easy - CARNIVAL

Breakfast - bacon and scramble eggs with wholemeal roll (HEB)

Lunch - Jerk Chicken with Rice and Peas (I'm going to put 5 syns down for this, as this should be free on extra easy, but I'll be buying it at a carnival stall, so won't know how much oil etc is used).

Dinner - BBQ chicken with salad and pasta salad

Exercise - 1 hr and half on the cross trainer / lots of walking around Notting Hill

Drinks - using up lots of syns with rum and diet coke :) and lots of water too (to balance it out / flush out toxins).

Monday - Extra Easy - Bank Holiday Relax Day

Breakfast - Bacon and scramble eggs with wholemal roll (HEB)

Lunch - Pesto Pasta with grilled veggies

Dinner - Jacket Potoato with beans and salad

Exercise - 1 hr treadmill run if my legs are up for it

Drinks - coffee with semi-skimmed milk (HEA) and 5 - 6 pints of water

Planning 4 days in advance is hard, especially when I'm going to be out of the house for most of my meals, so this is a rough guide to keep myself on track.

Have a lovely weekend XXXX


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Slight change of plan with lunch today, heading out for a working lunch meeting, healthiest thing on the menu was a panini - so having a ham and cheese one, going to add 10 syns to my day for it and not have a poppadum tonight. I've been pretty low on syns all week, so I should be OK.


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OK- after a bad week of completely going off the wagon, re-assessing my headspace, working out where I am and where I want to be by the end of the year I’m ready to grab September and make it my best month yet.

Exercise wise – I’ve really got to step it up a notch, as its 6 weeks till the half marathon, and I don’t think I’m in the best shape yet for it – I need to push myself more, get strict with myself and stick to my exercise routine.

Food wise – I’ve got to stick to SW 100% of the time, only going off planned when things are completely out of my control, not just when I’m tired, and not using an increased amount of exercise as an excuse to eat more sinful food.

Head Space – Keep a positive mind set, know that I can do this when I set my mind to it. Focus on my goals when I get down. Also keeping my diary on here updated, everyday, making myself accountable for my actions. Being completely honest with myself. Face the scales every Wednesday, and not let myself get down if the number creeps up for whatever reason.

September Goals:
Keep on SW plan – aim for 100% of the time
Exercise (run) 4 times a week
Lose 10lbs by the 30[SUP]th[/SUP] September
Drink 5-6 pints of water a day
Plan each days food in advance, and stick to it – keep track of it on here.

Monday 1[SUP]st[/SUP] September 2014 – Extra Easy Day
Breakfast – Melon with Peach Mullerlight
Lunch – Chicken goujons (yesterday’s leftovers – 7.5 syns) with bag of salad leaves, sweetcorn and wholemeal pitta bread (HEB)
Dinner – Roast Beef, with dry roasted veggies (carrots, butternut squash, parsnips), and roasted potatoes (power boiled, then sprayed with fry light and stuck in the oven) with gravy (1.5 syns)
Exercise – 30 minute treadmill run
Drinks – 5 pints of water, 1 x coffee and 3 x tea with semi-skimmed milk (HEA)


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Yesterday was a good day, eased myself back on plan nicely. I was quiet hungry, but turned to fruit instead of very synful dishes. Feeling like I'm back in control. Didn't get my run in yesterday as I was so busy with sorting the house out as we have a guest staying this week. But that's OK - I'm planning a long 90 minute run today as part of my training plan, and will sneak in yesterdays planned 30 minute run into Friday after work.

Also had an ice lolly after dinner, which was 3 syns, so a total of 12 syns for the day :).

Today's plan is the following:

Tuesday 2nd September - Extra Easy Day
Breakfast - Muller light peach and pineapple with a slice of melon
Lunch - Ham with bag of salad leaves, sweetcorn, cherry tomatoes and wholemeal pitta bread (HEB)
Dinner - Boiled Egg, boiled baby potatoes, salad leaves, spring onions, beetroot, grilled aubergine
Exercise - 90 minute run
Drinks - 5 pints of water, 1 x coffee and 3 x tea with semi-skimmed milk (HEA)


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So had a little hiccup yesterday, and didn't go for my run again, and dinner didn't go to plan and the OH and I went out for dinner, and ended up having a 3 course meal, which was delicious and lovely, but I imagine very syn-ful. But instead of beating myself up about it and spiraling into 'diet failure depression' I'm going to start today fresh without that hanging over my head.

Planning to drink lots of water today to flush anything too bad out of the system and get a 60 minute run in today (followed by the planned 90 minutes tomorrow).

Wednesday 3rd September - Extra Easy Day
Breakfast - Slices of melon and a plum

Lunch - This could be either of two things;
If I stay in the office it's; Ham with bag of salad leaves, sweetcorn, green pepper and wholemeal pitta bread (HEB)
If we go out for lunch because it's a colleagues birthday it's: home made soup of the day with bread on the side - I'll avoid the bread, and hope the soup isn't too creamy

Dinner - Salad leaves with beetroot, grated carrots, roasted aubergine, 2 boiled eggs and 2 slices of bacon with the fat off.

Drinks - 1 x coffee and 3 x tea with semi-skimmed milk (HEA), 6 - 7 pints of water (to flush all the syns away).

Exercise - 60 minutes on the treadmill

As mentioned above it's my colleagues birthday, so there is a lovely lemon drizzle cake in the office, I've worked out it's probably about 5 syns for a slice, but I'm not going to have any till I know if we are going out for lunch or not - then it will be my syns for the day. If we are going for lunch I'll see how I feel after lunch.

No weigh-in today, going to skip it for another week and see what results I can get next week, hoping to be in the 205-207lbs range.


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Updating the diary a little late today - but have had a really good few days. Didn't beat myself up about the dinner out on Monday, but relished the fact that I can have a meal off plan and really enjoy it.

Got my run in yesterday, which is great - as exercise puts me in a really good mood and makes me feel a little more positive about life. Still not weighed myself yet, but hoping that next Wednesday I'm going to see some results, if I'm under 210lbs I'll be doing my happy dance around the kitchen.

Today's plan:
Thursday 4th September 2014 - Extra Easy Day
Breakfast - Melon and a Peach and Pineapple Muller Light
Lunch - Pitta Bread (HEB), salad leaves, spinach, ham, sweetcorn, pepper
Dinner - a little unplanned today - our house guest is making us dinner to say thank you, no idea what its going to be. Hopefully something healthy, or something I can have a little bit off and stick a big bunch of spinach with (we have lots of spinach in the house at the moment).
Drinks - 5 pints of water, 1 x coffee, 1 x tea with semi-skimmed milk (HEA), and 3 x Earl Grays.
Exercise - 90 minutes on the treadmill

Feeling really positive about healthy eating, staying on plan and getting in shape, hoping the momentum will keep up for the rest of the month...of till I'm at goal weight (Though I think that would take a miracle).


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Yesterday went well – our house guest made shepherds pie with sweet potatoes as the mash and some boiled mange toute. As I had no syns all day, I was happy to eat it – I saw him use a teaspoon of olive oil and the mince wasn’t extra lean, but all it all I think it would have been 5-7 syns.

Today I’m feeling good, lean too (my stomach feels like its getting flatter, but that could all be in my imagination).

I really fancy a twix today, so I’m going to get one after lunch, for 14.5 syns. Eat it, enjoy it and satisfy that craving, and not pursue it anymore.

Went for my run last night too, even though after work I was knackered and wanted to crawl into bed, but decided that I need to focus on exercise if I want to see results, plus with the half marathon coming up I want to try and make a decent attempt of it. I was very proud of myself, as too often do I chicken out when I'm a little tired.

Friday 5[SUP]th[/SUP] September 2014 – Extra Easy
Breakfast – Melon and Madarin Muller Light
Lunch – out for lunch with work, so having grilled salmon and monkfish on a bed of rice and veggies (maybe 6 syns for the oil used, but everything else is syn-free).
Snack - Twix (14.5 syns)
Dinner – Big Salad with boiled eggs and lots of grilled veggies; I’ve got lots of veggies in the fridge and we’re off to my parents tomorrow, so want to use up as many as possible.
Drinks – 1 x coffee with semi-skimmed milk (HEA), and 2 x earl grey (black) and 4-5 pints of water
Exercise – resting my legs today, having a long hot bath - going to head out for a 6 mile tomorrow morning.

Quiet a high syn day, but it follows after a string of low syn days, so it should even out.

I’m a little scared about the weekend, as we’re heading to my parents for my aunts 40[SUP]th[/SUP]. I’m looking forward to spending time with them, but when I’m there I slip easily back into bad habits – that place is just a big haven of food. Must remember to stick to plan.