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Maq's diary

Okay thought i would start me a little fitness diary to keep an eye on what i've been doing.

Have been going to the gym regularly since July this year, and surprisingly really enjoying it - i had been doing a bit of walking prior to that as did a half marathon walk for charity but had never really got into regular exercise before.

I am currently going four mornings per week - doing cardio, body pump and weights .. i'm in there for about 7 which means i can get 45mins done and then get home, get the kids to school and get off to work and then collapse in a heap..

However today was meant to be body pump but i have been stuffed with a cold since yesterday and woke up sneezing and nose running so decided to give it a miss - instead i got out My Personal Trainer and managed 15mins lower body and 15mins upper body - by the time i had finished that the sweat was poring off me and compared to body pump that was like a walk in the park. Thank god i hadn't gone to the class as i reckon i would just have keeled over at one point lol! However off on Friday from work so reckon i can do one of the classes during the day and get a lie in - result:eek:.

Out for a walk at lunchtime as well today so all in all not too bad.

Hopefully by Christmas i will have shifted some weight, i already feel a bit more toned up around the arms and shoulders .

plan for tomorrow: gym 6.45 - 45mins weights
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Go on smile! =)
Hey, ma

Sounds like you doing great, looking foward to reading your blog thread :p maybe i'll get some tips hehe i joined a gym 3/4weeks ago. Hope you feel better soon.

Red. x
wow.. red have we been chatting on here that long? lol.

and yeah i agree maqs ure doing brill keep it up and when your ill your body has to work harder dont worry its normal x
thanks for the welcome guys - cold disappeared as quickly as it came yesterday to got to the gym this morning for about 7 - did the following:
warm up on treadmill
leg press 2 x 12reps @ 90
chest press 2 x 12 @ 15/17.5
seated row 2 x 12 @ 25
arm extension 2 x 12 @ 25
bicep curl 2 x 12 @ 10
shoulder press 2 x 12 @ 7.5
adductor/abductor 2 x 12 @ 35
abs 3 x 10 @ 25

all in all not a bad morning - definitely finding it easier now in my upper body, not quite a gibbering wreck after the shoulder presses ..

plan for tomorrow: gym 45mins cardio
well done keep it up xx
never made it to the gym yesterday with one thing and another but just been this morning to the body pump class - oh my wee arms are aching now lol! It was so busy though as it's a local holiday so all us folk with the day off were crowding it out - much preferred my ridiculous early morning class. Plan to potter about for the rest of the day and hit the gym again tomorrow morning to make up my four days..
Made it to the gym on saturday morning - 45mins cardio on the treadmill and bike and then even ventured into the pool - i am not a swimmer, can't go out of my depth but luckily this pool is only 1.2 throughout - omg managed to do a couple of lengths and felt that my chest was going to pop! Still it made a nice change -

Back at the gym again this morning for a wee half hour cardio as was short of time and off to body pump again tomorrow - now if only i could stop eating crap i might actually shift some weight lol..
Well last week didn't turn out so good as working extra so only made it to the gym twice and being tired and crabby all week ended up eating lots of biscuits - so rubbish week in all...

anyway back on track now, done 45mins cardio this morning and so far no biscuits - even though there is a rather tasting look box of shortbread in the staff room - i will resist!
Up and at the gym this morning - got there for just after half six. When i go to bed i always thinks that there is no chance i will get up but as soon as that alarm goes off at 6 i don't find it hard getting up at all and am always surprised at how busy it is.

did 10 mins on treadmill and 10 on cross trainer and then weights - all in all about 40 mins, was lovely though as was watching the sun coming up over the hills .

i checked my weight on the scales at the gym and have lost 3lbs - yeah ! As long as that little marker is under the 12 i'm quite happy. I decided to chuck out my scales at home as it was driving me crazy as i would end up on them every day and then getting frustrated as they would suddenly jump up three pounds in a day - i know i like my chocolate but not to that extreme...

if i can be a bit nearer the 11 by Christmas then that would be good but am not going to beat myself up about it in the meantime.
oops - cannot believe it has been four weeks since i wrote here . I ended up with a trapped nerve in my shoulder which was not much fun for a wee while and so have only managed to get to the gym a handful of times recently.. it is amazing how quickly you can drop out of a routine. Was planning to get going yesterday and today but hubby was out at work early so that was that scuppered, tomorrow is a definite though - need to get my skinny head back on as i can feel clothes getting tighter - never a good sign lol!

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