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Marie's big fat food diary :)

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by MarieDK, 19 May 2014 Social URL.

  1. MarieDK

    MarieDK Well-Known Member

    I think this could be really useful - get me looking properly at what I have been eating and then popping what I lost each week down. Hope it might help someone else too :)

    I have been doing SW for 10 weeks, lost 2st 1lb so far. Hoping to be somewhere near 11st for Christmas and nearer 10st for my birthday June 2015.

    I weigh in on a Wednesday so my week runs Weds to Weds - will also pop my syns and any body magic in there :)

    Little note - I don't usually eat magic pancakes all week - they just really work for me or I get snacky mid morning, so thought I would try out having oats every day :)


    B - Magic Pancakes (35g oats Heb) with fruit salad and yoghurt
    L - Ham and cheese salad with low fat thousand island dressing (1 syn) (30g cheddar Hea)
    D - Went out for dinner (eek) had steak, jacket potato, salad bar (no dressing) 2 beers (15 syns) counted an extra 15 syns for a tablespoon of sauce and a little sour cream - probably an overestimation but better safe than sorry
    SYNS for the day - 30

    B - Magic Pancakes, Melon, Yoghurt (35g oats Heb)
    L - Smoked Salmon, boiled egg, salad (slice of gluten free bread 2.5 syns, dressing 1 syn)
    D - Thai Fishcakes from Taste of Asia cookbook with stir fried vegetables and egg fried rice (sweet chilli sauce 3.5 syns)
    SYNS - 7
    B - Magic Pancakes, Melon, Yoghurt (oats Heb)
    L - Leftover thai fishcakes and vegetables, Jelly 1 syn, chilli sauce 3.5 syns, crispbread 1.5 syns
    D - Chilli con carne with brown rice, zero syn fromage frais, 30g cheddar cheese (Hea) salad (rum and diet coke 3 syns)
    SYNS - 9

    B - Overnight oats (Heb)
    L - Ploughmans Lunch - Ham, salad, pickles, beetroot, apple, cheese (30g cheddar Hea) Crispbread 2.5 syns, Ice cream 3 syns
    D - BBQ - homemade burger, vegetable kebabs, salad, jacket potato (Mustard 1 syn, Ketchup 1 syn, Rum and Diet coke 3 syns)
    SYNS 10.5

    B - Magic Pancakes with Melon (Heb)
    L - Picnic - Salad bowls with chicken marinated in peri peri dressing, 2 crispbreads (2.5 syns) cheese slices (hea) Jelly (1 syn) Fruit (Had ice cream for 3.5 syns at zoo)
    D - Jacket potato with chilli and salad, syn free natural fromage frais
    SYNS - 7

    Will pop my next 2 days plan on too then I will update weekly with weight loss :)

    B - Magic Pancakes with pears (Heb)
    L - Ham salad, crispbreads (2.5 syns) Cheese (Hea)
    D - Roast Turkey breast, vegetables, new potatoes (gravy 3 syns)
    Snacks - Ice cream 3 syns
    SYNS - probably 8.5

    B - Magic Pancakes, fruit salad, yoghurt (Heb)
    L - Turkey with salad and crispbread and cheese (2.5 syns and Hea)
    D - Mushrooms Paprikash (BBC Good Food website, cooked without oil) brown rice, salad, syn free fromage frais
    Snacks - Liquorice Pipe (3.5 syns)
    SYNS - Probably 6

    Sorry if the pics are massive - still learning to do everything right :) xxx
    Last edited: 19 May 2014
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  3. nattie

    nattie Well-Known Member

    Hi Marie, here to subscribe, all the above sounds great and furthermore looks delicious :) x
  4. MarieDK

    MarieDK Well-Known Member

    Just a little update on this week. 4lbs off, so it seems that was a pretty good food week :D Very happy with that.

    Today will be a within syns treat day -

    B - Bread Roll (8 syns) Butter (4 syns) Ham and Cheese (Hea) Fruit Salad
    L - Chilli Jacket with Salad
    D - BBQ - Peri Peri / BBQ marinaded lean pork steaks, home made sausage patties, vegetable kebabs, salad
    SYNS - 12
  5. MarieDK

    MarieDK Well-Known Member

    This week 3lbs off - hurray! This is what I have had this week

    B - Ham, cheese (Hea) salt and pepper roll with butter (15 syns)
    L - Chilli Con Carne, jacket potato and salad
    D - Pork steaks in peri peri sauce, salad
    Syns - 15

    B - Magic Pancakes (Heb) fruit and yoghurt
    L - Baked beans, ham, tomatoes and mushrooms, ice cream (3 syns)
    D - Home made burger, wedges, salad, cheese (Hea)
    Syns - Rum (6) Dressing (1) Total - 10 syns

    B - Magic Pancakes (Heb) fruit and yoghurt
    L - Beans, ham, egg, mushrooms, tomatoes. Ice cream (3.5 syns)
    D - Slimming world pizza (fakeaways book) 8.5 syns, coleslaw, cheese (Hea) Dressing 1 syn
    Syns - 13


    B - Magic Pancakes (Heb) fruit and yoghurt
    L - Ham, cheese (hea) salad, pickles, beetroot, apple 2 crispbreads (2.5 syns) Ice cream (3.5 syns)
    D - Cajun Chicken, jacket potato and salad
    Other syns - taste of mead (1 syn) Dressing (1 syn) Branston pickle (1 syn)
    Total syns - 9

    B - Magic Pancakes (Heb) fruit and yoghurt
    L - Ham, cheese (hea) salad, pickles, crispbreads (2.5 syns) Crispy Cereal Bar (3.5 syns) Sweet (0.5 syns) Dressing 1 syn
    D - Tandoori chicken, raita, rice, salad, mushrooms, roasted red pepper. Mango chutney (2 syns)
    Syns - 9.5


    B - No brekkie - didn't feel so good
    L - Ham, cheese (hea) salad, pickles, beetroot, 2 crispbreads (2.5 syns) Cereal Bar (3.5 syns)
    D - Chilli, salad, rice
    Snack -2 crispbreads (2.5) 1 slice low fat cheese (2.5 syns) Branston pickle (1 syn)
    Syns - 12


    B - Beans on toast (heb), butter (4 syns)
    L - Roast beef, pickles, remoulade (3 syns) mustard (0.5 syns) 2 crispbreads (2.5 syns)
    D - Chilli, rice, salad
    Syns - 10
  6. MarieDK

    MarieDK Well-Known Member

    I daren't even begin to put my food diary from this last week - to say I dropped off the wagon would be an understatement :( However, I have been lucky and scraped 2lbs off by the skin of my teeth. This weeks food is all planned out - so onwards and downwards! xxx

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