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Mark's diary

hi mark
welcome to mini`s
wanted to wish you every success on the diet
you`ll soon see the lbs drop off

kaz x


Gold Member
Hello Mark Taylor:D

Welcome to the Sole Source Wagon, the lbs will soon be dropping off you, men seem to lose their weight even quicker (hard to believe) so you'll soon be seeing and feeling the results.

My hubby lost 6st with CD and actually allowed himself to wear Tesco Value jeans for a while cos we were having to buy a size smaller about every 10 days!

Good luck and keep us posted.
2 and a bit days in

Many thanks for all of your support and offers of help..very much appreciated.

Day One was fine..hungry but fine.

Day two a couple of really big headaches and the most disgusting thing ever....Spicey Tomoatoe Soup....Oh My God someone get me a bucket.

Day Three start...shaking hands and small headache which seems to start when I start drinking a tetra brick....hmmm probably just the minerals etc.

But feel very determined to carry on and even went to the pub, yes second day and was testing myself...and wasn't even slightly tempted for a pint.
Day (maybe it shouldn't be a new Thread)

oops maybe it shouldn't be a new thread...

Well the last couple of days have been waking up with almost a hang over type feeling...carpet mouth slightly fuzzy head..

Day was yesterday and it was the hardest yet with the hunger in the evening being almost painful.

Still, held out and feel better this morning if not a little tired and a bit shakey.

Ohh and thank god for Chicken and Mushroom soup after the devils on spicey tomatoe....
Day 6

Well the last 2 days have stll been filled with hunger, although getting less each day..

Headaches have gone but still have a sligh fuzzy feeling.

I think the "hunger" is now more of a slight empty feeling coupled with cravings or the food I'm missing.

Weigh day is tomorrow and I'm seriously hoping it's been worth it...have to say that I feel stomach is already looking different.

Looking forward to the light that is not so hungry and in the zone fully.
Mark - I'm sure you'll be delighted with your WI tomorrow .... most men lose more than women as well! Keep glugging the water - and measure yourself in as many places as you can - so then you'll notice the difference in a few weeks.

Good luck!
Day 7 - WI Day (Start)

Despite the weekend being a mental challenge of wanting food and craving things...not easy living 100m away from a chip shop with the smeall sliding in to your house....I've made it to day 7.

Headache is still sort of around, more a dull sense in the head, although maybe that is always there. ;-)

Feeling good about the WI tonight as I've been perfect..Drank about 9ltrs of water a day over the weekend...so if water is the key I have a big key.
morning, mark.
super cool that you managed to resist the chip shop aroma thru the hardest time, the first week. wahey! i'm totally anxious to see what your results will be tonight.

((mondays are my weigh in as well, except im trucking along into week 11 now, 3.3 stones lighter...no loss this week. i have all the fun female things to contend with when it comes to losing weight.)) its just not fair. boo!

anyways, good luck with tonight. i'll check back way later.

p.s. 9 liters of water in a day??? i'm sure i've read somewhere that there is a limit on how much water the human body can take in per day...and im almost 100% positive that 9 exceeds it by far. you might want to check on that before you cause serous damage! (( i think i read 5 L should be the max intake...but again, look into it)
Day 7 - The weigh in


after doubting whether it had all been worth it...damn those home scales...it turns out it was.

Just back from my first weigh in 12lb loss.

Feel very motivated now...just hope the hunger I still feel, and the slight fuzzy head goes soon and it becomes easier.
wahey! ((i love first week weigh-ins)). well done. oh and glad to hear the water thing was confirmed...i'd hate to see you do damage by consuming too much.

here's to week 2!
Day 9

Well the start of day 9.

Yesterday evening was the first time that a solo soup made me fill "full" and when I woke this morning I was hungry..in fact I still felt a little full from yesterday.

In previous posts I've said that maybe the hungry feeling was more cravings but I don't think they were. As someone whose eating habbits were not exactly regular I'm sure I know a hungry feeling when I get one.

So, I'm hoping those are going to ease off now and make things easier; the evenings have been murder to cope with.

I also now have the veg drink that I think helps when I get that 4pm hungry feeling.
Well done on 12lbs in week one Mark!! :D:D

I remember feeling hungry most of the way through my sole sourcing last year but just learned to ignore it as they weren't really hard hunger pangs luckily. :D

Have you seen the recipes you can make from your packs? The veg ones make quite nice crisps, I used to have half pack crisps and the rest as soup. Also the sweet ones make lovely muffins or mousse. :D

Have to say I was very pleased with 12lbs...already nervous about week 2 though..stupid hey.

I'm fine with the soups and the shakes, and as yet, I'm not missing chewing stuff either...so I've not bothered with any variations on the foods YET.

I think I am always going to feel hungry at certain points in the day on this diet...BUT...yesterday and the day before was a bit of a truning point...rather than being painfully hungry I just fely hungry..which I can live with.

So, fingers crossed I can keep chugging a long....although yesterday I did really fancy a glass of wine for the first time since I strated the diet.
Day 11

Well Day 10 ended the same way that day 3 did...feeling very very hungry...painfully hungry.

the difference being is that I now have the veg drink to "take the edge off", which I had at the time of day I start to feel a hingry everyday, 4:00pm.

I guess I'm not one of the lucky people that gets to Ketosis and doesn't feel serious hunger any more.

Day 11 has started with me feeling hungry still from last night, haven't felt hungry in the mornings for a couple of days...and so I'm feeling pretty down beat about CD at the moment.

Not the type of person to fall off the wagon but I am very results driven. So Mondays WI needs to be positive so I can have the resolve to keep going....Monday just seems a long way away.
Mark - keep on there. Men lose quicker than women .... and tend to be in the most more single minded re losing weight once they've decided they're going to.

It's awful you are not getting the ketosis blanket ... have you tried splitting your shakes/soups so that you have more "meals"???

Good luck for Mondays WI .... you'll have lost at a least a stone by then ... go to the supermarket at the weekend and pick up a basket and put 12lb of potatoes in it ... walk around for a bit and see how heavy that is!

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