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Marriage and Divorce can lead to weight gain..

Marriage, divorce, death, children..... the list can go on and on. I think I'm with the majority. Eat when happy, eat when sad and then anytime in between!
The obvious answer is; don't get married and don't have kids ;)
Since living with oh and having lo I've put on all the weight. I was at the high end of healthy bmi when I met oh. Bloody men!!
Don't get married then you won't get divorced....and won't put on the weight.....although what is that joke about divorcing and loosing 12st of unwanted fat...it's called the husband!!!.....all a bit synical though....I'm sure just as many of us put on weight when we first meet 'the one' because we are so happy.....some of us are just built that way......I am happy to eat for any mood!
Clare xx
I'm with some of the others lose the ex and the weight at the same time, major stress= weight loss
I totally agree! I started ww a month before me n the ex split up and lost about 8 pounds, as soon as he went i lost the rest and up to 48 now in 7 month lol think it was more the eatin for one that did it too, im a cooker and dont really like cookin for one :-/ lol x
You can choose to comfort eat and feel better for a min or two or you can choose that you WILL be the weight you want and use the cr*p as a motivation to get there.

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hmmmm i got married 3 weeks ago and well so far so good , apart from the holiday lol.. but i guess its about having balance, there are lots of distractions in life its about choosing the right decisions.
One reason why women put weight on in the first year of marriage is that they match their portion sizes with those of their husband.

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