Marshmallows & Jelly Babies

Discussion in 'Orlistat (Xenical)' started by want2byummymummy, 11 November 2009 Social URL.

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  1. want2byummymummy

    want2byummymummy Full Member

    Hello all,

    I've just found out the jelly babies and marshmallows are virtually fat free.

    Is there a catch?! Or can we have these freely?

    So excited if we can .................. yumm xxx:D
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  3. alibalibee

    alibalibee gym bunny

    Yep they're fat free, but they are also full of sugar ( unless of course you have gotten sugar free jelly babies, don't think you can get sugar free marshmallows though) which is more or less empty calories. So yep have some, but don't go overboard :)
  4. Redkoala

    Redkoala Go on smile! =)

    Alot of things have low calories but packed with sugar be careful and read the whole packet :D
  5. want2byummymummy

    want2byummymummy Full Member

    aw thought it'd be too good to be true - Ive been so caught up in 'fat rule' that cals went totally outta my head!
    Will stay away from marshmallows and hunt out some sugar free jelly babies :)
    Ill be honest I've already eaten half a bag of Marshmallows but no more. I dont think one treat will do me any harm .......... will it??!!!

    Thanks guys sound advice as always xx
  6. want2byummymummy

    want2byummymummy Full Member

    oh my goodness..... ive just eaten about 400 cals and about 85 grams of sugar - what a waste, marshmallows arent even that good. Thats like my evening meals allowance of calories!!!!!!
  7. Redkoala

    Redkoala Go on smile! =)

    Malteasers are a nice treat. =]
  8. Tiitanium

    Tiitanium Gold Member

    yeah its horrible how much sugar is in these things , i used to love haribo but no more :(
  9. purple_kathryn

    purple_kathryn Mostly harmless

    Hmm well probably a combination of both. Sugar and fat. The diet stuff is really sneaky too. It'll show low fat but be quite high in sugar :(
  10. kae

    kae gunna be a fatty for ever

    hummmm very motivating advice you gave out there!
  11. Kes

    Kes Gold Member

    so you have eaten a few extra cal's... at least you know now, not to do it again... we all learn from things like this. (hence why this is a good site) we can also learn from others mistakes too!!
    i hope it hasnt set you back, and im sure you are now more determined to get things sorted and back to where you were... but i doubt it has set you back 2 days...
  12. kae

    kae gunna be a fatty for ever

    Yes we know that and if u read the other posts she did realise that.

    Its very demotivating to hear 'You have been set back 2 days'

    People on here are quite sensitive to their weight loss, including my self as are alot of others that are over weight! And to hear what you just said would have made me feel down! Especially at the beginning of my journey as is w2bym! I made the same mistake when i started taing xenical except for me it was meringue nests!

    Guess what i am saying is think about things before you post. this is a weight loss forum that gives out support!

    love katie
  13. want2byummymummy

    want2byummymummy Full Member

    nice one! Cheers for the motivation!!!
  14. want2byummymummy

    want2byummymummy Full Member

    Thanks Katie, luckly im not the sort of person to be bothered by comments like that.
    But there are lots of people on here that would read that and think 'oh well, blown it now might as well give up'
    Critisism is all good and well if its contstructive, unfortunatly that comment was far from constructive.,

    Thank you hun for sticking up for me!!!

    And no more sweets lol xxx
  15. want2byummymummy

    want2byummymummy Full Member

    oh and on this comment - please dont talk about me as though I am stupid!!!!!:mad:
  16. Kes

    Kes Gold Member

    nicely put ladies!!!
  17. VixB

    VixB Full Member

    Now I do have serious supsicions that you are working for Metamucil / Gary Taubes!! Go and promote whatever it is elsewhere Bassman, we are all quite happy with the way we are dieting here thank you!!
  18. KD

    KD Gone fishing

    LOL, no, I don't think he is :D There are a few Taubes fans out there ;)

    Trouble with Taubes though was much of the research papers that he cited were wrong. Even the scientists who wrote them in the first place now admit that much was incorrect because of more recent data.

    Taubes seemed to decide of what he felt worked then looked for the papers that back that, then appeared to stop looking and write a book ;)

    He seemed unaware at that time about the severity of 'unreporting' calories, which is now a massive deal when doing research. So, perhaps he could do with updating his book to include 'what we now know' ;)
  19. Tiitanium

    Tiitanium Gold Member

    couldnt agree more.. here we dont really give the "mean to be kind" approach!.
  20. Starlight

    Starlight Gold Member

    Sorry but I think everyone on here knows theres more to dieting than cutting back your fat intake. Noone on here is eating everything in sight because they think its 'fat free' I dont think you can compare what your friends sister did with what people are doing on here, especially if a DIY enema :eek: killed her

    The fact is we all need to adapt our diet, but we cant be on a diet forever people will eat take away, sweets etc but its more about limitation and learning boundaries as opposed to cutting them out totally - thats not practical...
  21. skyegirl

    skyegirl Full Member

    Bassman, we use this site as a means to support and advise each other, your comments are doing neither, it does seem like you have decided this week is a pick on the xenical lot.
    We are a pretty tough bunch though so your insults will not wobble us, I suggest you take your anti- carbohydrate , anti xenical "soap box" else where...we're just not interested.
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