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Marshmallows & Jelly Babies

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Gone fishing
Bassman if you are taking Xenical then yeah you have a right to be here on this forum and give your opinions, but you are still new and people don't know you yet so will naturally be wary of advice that while it may be well intentioned can come off a little harsh.

I think a lot of people come here for support and friendship and the forum can provide a real pick me up if people are struggling or make mistakes. so we try to keep the atmosphere non-judgmental but people will react if they see negativity or if feelings are getting hurt.


gunna be a fatty for ever
cant really add much more execept are u selling metamucil then?
I am eating a box of chocolaits as I type this and you are right ... they are good!
If you are on Xenical, would you really be sitting there enjoying a box of chocolates?????

You are being very unsupportive and rude IMO!!!!
take your comments elsewhere!
Bassman, think its time you dropped this. We've had enough, this is a friendly forum where we all feel we can express our feelings and ask for support and advice from like minded people. Unfortunatly having you lecture and split hairs over simple comments puts me off posting.

I can sympathise with your friends situation, but think that there were possibly other conditions and influences that lead to the outcome, and really dont think it can be compared to me eating a dozen marshmallows.

I would be grateful if you did not comment or advise me on anything in the future.

Due respect and thanks
i can only speak really for myself, (and i think Piink is the same) we had them done by friends (my hubby in my case) through photoshop!! i really liked the idea, (and i couldnt get everything i wanted to write in my sig) so i stole her idea... (really hope you dont mind Piink)
yeah hes a spokes-person for something or other.... but by the looks of it i dont think anyone would buy anything from such a negative bully. =) i know i wouldnt lol. x
Noooo i dont mind , i find a sig helps keep me foccused and when i can see all my goals past and present each time i post it boosts me up a lil.. im not offended in the least..

A freind made mine in photoshop also im useless at it lol x
well i cant say my hubby has all the credit LOL.. i did the writing but he did the back ground... as thats the Tattoo i want to get (the dragon fly) when ive lost my weight, and the swirls are a big part of my website (photography one)
so yes.. i can take some of the credit, and im pretty good when it comes to photoshop, as i use it for the photos i take
inbox message me ure website id like to take a look? if i may.. i like photography x
why are you posting such rude things on here ? i dont understand why you are on this site?.
Guys I think everyone needs to take a step back. Some people if theyre passionate about somethinng maybe dont come across as well as we might like. It doesnt mean they dont actually have something to offer.

Bassman, I think you need to realise theres a real sense of community here and everyone is extremely supportive. Youve possibly come with the best intention but I think if you have something constructive to say you need to make it more supportive and not sound so argumentative.

I hope other people will give him the benefit of the doubt and a chance to be part of the community not just tell him hes not welcome, thats not what Minis is about either x
Starlight as you can prob see from my posts on minis i am very much a welcoming person , but if you read all the things posted by this person youd see the stuff he has been saying is very rude.. and a lot of people on this site struggle without having to see things such as this.
well ill give him that for now but if he becomes rude again then ill go straight to mini.


Staff member
I will do it if you wish!
i didnt say it was a joke??. im sorry if you took it that way. i didnt intend that ,i guess i thought you were winding me up or something. theres no need to go. i meant no harm.
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