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hollys nan

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Oh yes I would like to know that answer to that one too! And if so where do you get them from??? So craving something naughty this afternoon


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Unfortunately I expect not, as I assume they still have calories??

It will be 1 syn for every 20 calories.

Yep, you have to use this rule as they don't have any free food in them. They're still lower in syns than normal ones anyway lol!


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mmmm i love marshmallows :D x


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Here I am.. I love being the bearer of GOOD news!!.. there are sugar free marshmellows! Sainsburys do a sugar free version of their marshmellows.. next to the full sugar ones lol they are about 68p for a packet.. get about 25ish in a packet and my consultant said they are about 1/4syn each as they are 5 calories a sweet! plus they taste good too!!...run ladies run to your nearest sainsburys lol


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Bet they're nice dipped in melted nutella!!!!! Oohhhhh yummy!

K Dee

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I slightly water down a packet of opitons and dunk a packet of marshmallows fells like a real binge, I love it. 35 pounds down yeah


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I buy the Bassett's (I think?) flumps - 11 for £1 in most supermarkets. - 1.5syns each.

I have a Cadbury highlights hot-choc most days and I cut one of the flumps in half (put one half away for the next time) and then cut it into tiny chunks and put it in my hot-choc to melt. Feels sooooooo naughty, yet it's not and it's SOOOOOOO tasty! :D


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aren't marshallows egg white, sugr and gelatine? Wouldn't that make the majority of the ingredients free?


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Please be careful with the sainsburys sugar free ones!! They can make you run for the loo!!!!! They have a very laxative effect!!!!!!


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Hi, I'm pretty new to these forums and love them! Since I discovered it i've been trawling through all the posts for the best part of a week lol. When I saw this thread I just had to find the sugar free ones and today I did! Got a packet from Sainsburys and they're soooo yummy. Thanks everyone for posting such great ideas on these forums :)


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Jealous of u ladies, no sainsburys over here in Ireland! Must check out all my supermarkets and see can I find one.


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