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Marvelous ME Monday**hour by hour**


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Good morning Denise and everyone who follows.

Monday again - much better for me because of the routine. I have been 100% since Saturday and intend to be until 9th July. Getting my WI 2 days early tonight due to CDC's holiday. Next official weigh in will be 9th July. Fingers crossed I have some sort of loss this week but I did cheat on Wednesday, Thursday an Friday. Glugging the water now so hopefully can wee 1lb off by 6.00 p.m. :)

Have a good day everyone.


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Morning all,
Been 100% since Fri and intending to carry on until I go on holiday on July 31st, Its a long time tho, but must be done!
Hope you all have a good week x


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Good morning everyone! Not had a great CD week and looking to get straight back on today. Seeing my CDC tonight for WI, not holding out for a great result obviously. I think I've managed to still lose 1-2lbs. A big part of me is a bit like well if I can still lose weight not doing this diet and just not eating between meals maybe I should do that. But I don't want 1-2lbs a week, I want bigger losses than that! Though, at the rate I'm going it might have to be what I do for a chunk of the summer. Finding a job isn't going that well, and soon I'll run out of money!

If I have lost 2lbs like my scales say I have, it means I'll be in the 17s, only just, but it's still in the 17s! lol A big part of me wants to go to the doctors and get her to weigh me just so she can see that I'm actually doing something and losing weight! I know I've been on the BMI register thing and we've talked about it once or twice. She's always been pretty nice about it actually, offered help and support but not been pushy. I've just always been to stubborn and self conscious to take it!
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Well was 100% since I started Weds then blipped last night, but back on it 100% today, feeling good!


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Good Morning...

Have been 100% since starting and am hoping to keep it up. Even though tummy is grumbling away.

Not had best start to the morning though, just dropped my son off at preschool and someone has just dented our Brand New car.... GRRRRRRRRRR

Just had to tell OH and he is very very very cross to put it mildly!


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Well I am SOOOO glad the weekends over! was a nightmare for me..

But bk on the wagon 100%.. WI tomoz so hope I havnt weasted this week :( x
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Good afternoon all. Im feeling good today went to a bbq yesterday and although did eat had only protein rich foods ie. Chicken and resisted all else (and there was a lot else!!!) so still quite an achievement and scales are my friends today as only gained quarter of a pound and know that will be gone tomorrow ready for weigh day xxx


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Hello all! late check in from me, had a lovely time at our todlers group outing to a soft play centre this morning-DS loved it!

Decided on having a SS+ day today so had tuna and courgettes earlier and enjoyed it. Feeling quite tired, think its just 'cause TOTM. Better go, DS teatime soon! will check in and catch up later.
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This thread has been soooo quiet today where is everyone??xxx


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Yeah, its been really quiet!

BIL here helping HB service his motorbike, its not going well and theyve been at it for ages,anyway when they were in for tea BIL said "do you want the rest of my ice cream?" he knows Im on a diet and to give him his due he didnt know it was a food replacement diet but still a diet nonetheless! he asked about it, said "is it working like?" to which my HB replied- "can you not see its working? shes lost 3 stone!" I really wonder if he can see the difference? not that I care & maybe its just that a) we dont see him that often and b) he's a man! Dont care though but could have done without it today-always get teary when TOTM.

Ending on a more positive note- I got this book from the library called 'pastels in 10 steps' and completed the first drawing tonight (a still life of bananas and grapes) I really enjoyed doing it and Im pleased with the final result. Im going to see how it goes with the library book but I might consider buying it so I dont have to worry about getting it dirty!

Night all or night Julie!
S: 13st13lb C: 12st6lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 30.8 Loss: 1st7lb(10.77%)
Dont let him get you down even if he is a man he has got eyes and you cant help but notice when you have lost as much as you have my dear!!!!!! Good luck with your drawing Im always in awe with people who can draw ive never got past the stick men stage lol xxx

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