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Mashed pototo

Well, obviously no butter and milk would be the lowest, but not the most tasty! You could used semi skimmed milk and a little low fat spread from your allowance. If you want a tasty mash, add a little parmesan, as it only takes a little bit to add a load of taste. You could also add some onions (if you cook them with the pots or garlic) or some chives if you have them. Another alternative is to add some low fat philly or similar to the mash, either plain or the one with garlic and herbs. Hope this helps


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When I was low carbing we used mashed cauliflower instead of potato. Wasn't bad either; but then we did add cream, salt and pepper....that probably helped :D


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Oh i could eat that now. When i saw the title of the thread my heart jumped. I could live on mashed potato...with cream and salt ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Ah well, where is my water.
i would mash to potatos.. add a little garlic.. or some mustard.. thats loooosh!! erm.. some onions like someone else said.. or a tiny teenie bit of salt.. or a tiny bit of wostershire (sp) sauce.. oh i want some now.. hehe
x x x


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I have a confession. Though I cook virtually everything from scratch, I do buy frozen mash. Most of them have very natural ingredients added so I don't feel guilty.

I mix it with frozen carrot/swede. It's one of my quick meals. About 100g of each works out at........about 150 cals if I remember rightly.

I mix them together and it's lovely. Kids prefer it that way too. A little more tasty :)

the carrot/swede adds bulk but keeps the cals down and adds to the days F&V:cool:


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I used skimmed milk and flora light in mine...was nice. With quorn sausages, sweetcorn and gravy. Was lush :D


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a big dollop of French grainy mustard in mash is just yummy and a bit different.....
horseradish in mash is also really good and you can avoid any other creamy-type things

i highly reccomend it, particularly with beef


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i use laughing cow lights in mine

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Mmm...lovely! Just how comforting is mashed potato if you're fed up?

If you ever see any Sue Kreitzman cookbooks on charity shop bookshelves, or Amazon, and you're trying to live low-fat or no-fat, do have a look, because she probably invented no-fat cookery in the late 1980s. "Queen of Slim Cuisine", no less!

She lost half her body weight with CD (as wife/guinea-pig with Steve Kreitzman, our leading research scientist then, now boss of Lipotrim) but, as a professional cook, couldn't bear to live on it forever, so set out to develop fat-free but delicious recipes.

If your CDC is as old as me, s/he may have some of her books on their shelves - even possibly for sale!

Sue moved up to very-low-fat later on, which is even healthier, I think.

There are no less than 30 listings for potato in the index of her first book, "Cambridge Slim Cuisine", all pretty tempting!

(Googling her now leads to some very "interesting" sites - none of them forbidden by filters, I think...)


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i absolutely love jacket spuds. what is it with potatos they are def comfort food.

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