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massive kick up the bum needed


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Hi everyone

I hope you are all doing well on the new plan. Nothing good to report here, I'm scared to even go and weigh myself to be honest.

Our phone lines went down at the start of the week so I didn't have any internet. I subscribe to weightwatchers online so didn't have any of the info nor could I get any. Well instead of just being careful and maybe sticking to 3 meals a day I had to go to the other extreme...and we are talking extreme binges. Not just a bar of choc or anything but apple and sponge fresh cream cakes, a multipack of fudge bars...I could go on and on but the shame is too much :(

So here I am, scared of weighing myself because I know I've gained about 5 or 6lbs easily. No exercise done, not even any water drunk apart from what's in coffee.

Seriously disgusted with myself, I'm off to a rock gig in 2 weeks and really wanted to lose a bit before that I'll be lucky to undo the damage I have done in the last week or so by then. I just can't seem to stop myself. I know what I ought to be doing and even without following the pp plan as I didn't have the info that didn't mean I lost my mind and thought cream cakes would be good for me! Just lost all motivation now :(

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Don't beat yourself up about it hun. It's done now, and all you can do is draw a line under it. Go weigh yourself, find out the damage, and start afresh. You have done SO well so far and THAT'S what you need to concentrate on.
Ok you maybe won't have lost as much as what you wanted before the gig, but, you have still done really well haven't you? Imagine if it was 6 months ago... and compare that to now!
We all have blips, it's so easy to do. But now you just gotta put it behind you, and move forward... onwards and downwards!!! :)


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thanks so much hun I know I need to just move on, I seem to have this self destruct button almost lol where a bad day turns to a bad week or whatever, I dread to think how many points I've had and to be honest I don't even remember them all. Better just to start afresh

thanks again xx
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I have also had a dreadful week so you're not alone! Am due to weigh tomorrow and think I have put on!!

I am going to start afresh after WI and put this week down to a blip! It has taken me all week to get my head around the new plan and I have just done what I liked all week!

Get back on it and stay positive. I am so glad that I have discovered this forum again. I find motivation from everyone else.

Good luck for next week. Draw a line under this week x
aww, I think many of us can sympathise as we have been there.. but perhaps you need to either weigh yourself now.. bring the blip to a close and look forward as you are only guessing whats happened at the moment and probably making yourself feel even more guilty. Or stay away from the scales, but tell yourself that its a new beginning, go for a walk etc and eat the meals you know work for you. Do you have the old info still? work off the old plan until you are back in a better place its better to be working off a plan than not be on anything?
Hang in there, and you know what you need to do.
S: 10st4.0lb C: 10st4.0lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 27.2 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
I have discovered that if my mind's not on it then I'm not on it! I need to be 'in the zone!' x


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thanks everyone :) tomorrow is another day so I'm upping the fruit and veggies, downing the water and I WILL be reporting a loss next week, no matter how small it all counts, I'd be happy with 1lb!

I will weigh myself tomorrow,I use the scales at the chemists because when I have scales at home I'm on and off them 10 times a day lol.

Edited to add* weighed at chemists, I have gained 3lbs!! Never ever am I doing that again..going on a binge I mean not weighing myself lol.
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thank you hun :) today has been a great day, started plan properly this morning and have followed it well, I will be sticking to it and no matter what happens next weeks WI even if I sts I will know I have done my best and the losses will come.

thanks again x

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