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Match.com for SW!!

I thought it might be good fun to set up a SW-match thingy!

I love seeing everyone's losses and how we help each other through the tough times, but I particularly like seeing how people similar to me are getting on. What are they doing that is making them lose so successfully (when I seem to constantly be struggling!)

So...here's my dieting stats!

I am 31, 5'4" and currently weigh 11st10lbs.
I wear a size 14 and my target is to get into the 9stone range...ultimately 9st7 but just into 9s will do fine for now! So that gives me 2 stone to lose. As per my ticker, I'm aiming to do this by 1st August!

If you're similar to me then say hello. We can be SW buddies and share experiences!

That's not to say I won't be getting stuck into other people's threads or getting loads out of everyone's brilliant posts!! Not at all!

If you want to find a dieting match as well, post your stats and see if you can find your perfect partners :)
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Cool, good idea!
I'm 26, 5'7 and 14st (((cry)))
I'm a size 18 and my goal is to be a size 12, a small 12 that is. A 10 would be even nicer like but I'd be chuffed with a 12!
My goal weight is 10st 7, then I might go for 10st. I want to lose 2st by September so I'm about a size 14 for my holiday!

I'm up for this too :D

I'm 32, 5ft 4" and currently weigh 12st 11lb (started at 13st 1.5lb) I'm a size 16 (comfortably) and my target is 10 stone and a size 12, If I could get below 10st that would be fab, but for now 10st ;)

Gail x
I am 5ft 4" and will be 38 next Wed.
Currently 10st 8lb and my club 10 is 9st 12lb so think I will set that as my target for now and see how it goes. Not sure when I will get there but do hope by 8th May for my trip to Germany on motorbike.
I am currently a size 12/14 top and 10/12 bottoms.
Yay, let's see if we can find people similar to us! In weight and hight and goal...age doesn't really matter (as my mental age is about 7 anyway I reckon!) :giggle:


This is really the time!
I am 6ft2.5...Think I may have to be matched to a man if I join!lol


is a pirate arrrgggghhhh
I'm 5'9 25 years old 12.9 and a 14 i want to get to 11 stones i think there are a few ladies my height i know Rachella is around about the same as me !!!
Ia m : 25yrs old
current weight : 11.3
Heaviest : 12.9
Goal : 10st
Goal date 16th may 09
Size 12/14


soon to be skinny minnie
Good thread!!

Age 27
Height 5'6
weight: 16 st 7
Weight to lose: 6st
Clothes size: 20 fits perfect
I'm 38 (just turned on Sunday)
197 lbs. ( I THINK that is just over 14 st???)
Goal weight is 155 lbs (11 st)
I fit a comfortable size 16, but can squeeze into a 14 on certain days :)
I don't really have a goal date. I'd love to feel more comfortable with myself by the summer.
What a great idea! :)

Age 20
Height approx 5'6
Weight: 14 st 9
Target: 10 st
Clothes size: 16/18 (though I'm mainly still wearing my old 18/20 clothes as I can't afford any new clothes on my Student budget! lol!)


Full Member
Well I'm a really odd size!! LOL

I'm 30 and weigh 8st 13, would love to be 8 stone. Only 5ft tall!

If there is anyone with the sames stats as me I'd really be interested to hear how you plan on shifting the last few pounds!


Trying again!!!
Great idea Hellie :D

I'm 38,
Height ~ 5ft nothing!
Starting weight ~ 9stone 3lbs
Weight now ~ 8stone 13lbs
Goal weight ~ 7stone 10lbs
Currently size 14 up top and size 12/14 bottoms.
My goal is mid August to give me time to buy some great clothes for my hols in September!


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Hey Weemo!

You are similar to me, are you finding you just loose 1 - 1.5lbs a week? Even though you are 100%, I even do excercise 4 nights a week and I never have a weight loss more than this. I've accepted it though and I am happy with my 1 pound plod!


Trying again!!!
Hey Weemo!

You are similar to me, are you finding you just loose 1 - 1.5lbs a week? Even though you are 100%, I even do excercise 4 nights a week and I never have a weight loss more than this. I've accepted it though and I am happy with my 1 pound plod!
Hi Melsy!! That's great we have more or less the same stats! I put on 2lbs this week but its my TOTM so hoping that will be gone next week. 1lb a week is good Melsy - slow and steady wins the race! I would be pleased with that. I've just started walking everyday too so hope that helps :D

I'm 32yrs old, 5ft 6in, currently 12st 6lb (heaviest 13st 13lb) am currently a size 16, but these are starting to get a bit big so think could prob get into some 14's (may have to go and have a try!!)

Tracie you and I are quite similar aren't we! Although you're doing better than me :)
Pumpkin2008 - we are same height and size although weight different and i'm a cple yrs older lol

Height - 5'7
Weight - 15.3
Size - 18 (waist 34, hips 44)

I have researched loads and apparently 10lb is about a dress size so when i started was verging on a size 20...... and 15.12!

Ultimate target is a size 10/12 which i have worked out to be about 12 stone (this is above the healthy range for my height but i think i have quite a high percentage of muscle....)

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