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Well I bought some Maxitone Sculptress yesterday. It was on offer in Asda (but still really expensive - £26!!!), but I thought that a higher protein, lower carb drink might help me.

And, I know, it's not a meal replacement - I'm bad. But I think I'm going to have one of those for breakfast, a slimfast for lunch and then a meal for tea. Plus fruit for snacks.

I tried it today - it's not anywhere near as nice as the slimfast shakes, but I have to admit, I don't think I've felt as hungry as I do on the slimfast shakes.

Anyway, I'll try it for as long as the tub I've got lasts for, to see if I see any difference.

But I'm not sure I can afford to do it all the time, it's pretty pricey!
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Hi ya
You should try those shakes in ASDA called.... DROP WEIGHT ... its like slimfast but half the price and you mix it with water..its really lnice and really filling I found that the slim fast gave me headaches.. but ths one is ok.....

Hi ya
You should try those shakes in ASDA called.... DROP WEIGHT ... its like slimfast but half the price and you mix it with water..its really lnice and really filling I found that the slim fast gave me headaches.. but ths one is ok.....
Ooh I've seen them, I didn't know you added water instead of milk. How do they taste? I might get some for backup when I run out of milk (happens a lot on this house lol)
Keep us posted on how you get on RachelN76, i understand they do some sort of suppliment as well to help keep the weight off.

Might have to look into this Drop Weight thing as it would be much more convienent for me to mix with water at work instead of milk.
They do supplements as well, but I'm not bothering with those. I think that would make it SUPER expensive.
I've also found out that Maximuscle do a product called Promax Diet, which apparently is a proper meal replacement. So if I get better results with the Maxitone, I might give that one a go next time.


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i cant seem to find ASDA drop weight on thier website?
Wow, £26 seems like a lot! Hope it works :D
I love the SF shakes, but I think I may try 'branching out' and trying all the different kinds that are more or less the same as SF. I saw the dropweight ones in Asda the last time I was there, but SF is (or was) £3 a tin there so I just got that. I'll try the once SF goes back up everywhere..
I did the GoLower diet, and that was expensive. (sent cereal, bars and food packets plus snacks)

If you look closely at what your getting, you can quite easily get similar food from your supermarket at a fraction of the price. (they sell soups at %3ish, you could easily buy one the same from tesco for 60p!) thats what i did and stopped buying from the company and saved myself about £150 a month!

But thats my personal view on such things
Yeah, £26 is a LOT of money. And that was on offer!
So I want to see some really good results if I'm going to carry on using it.

I just don't like how much carbs and sugar there is in SlimFast.
i have been on maxitone for 7 weeks and have lost exactly a stone pretty good going as the 7 weeks i was on slimfast ultra slim i was losing on average 0.5lb a week.

The seven weeks on maxitone has also included my hen night and other halfs stage night (went out on the lash whilst he was out). Whereas on slimfast i was angelic and didnt cheat once.

I have much more energy on it which obviously helps with the exercise.

I must admit i also started xenical at the same time so do not know if it is a mixture of the both.

My reason for changing was that i wanted less sugar as i thought the slimfast was too high for my liking
Yeah - I might persevere with it. I like the sound of the Maximuscle Promax Diet which is a proper meal replacement one. But that's even more expensive!
At the moment I'm doing one slim fast, one Maxitone to keep the costs down (and to use up the massive stock of Slimfast that I've got!)
I looked at the Promax diet but just couldn't afford it, that's why i chose SlimFast. They should bring out a low sugar and carb version. Maybe we should contact the makers and put our thoughts forward.
That's me too Sarah - it would just be SO expensive. But i'm probably willing to sacrifice in other areas if it would make a real difference.
I definitely think we should contact slimfast - in fact, I'm going to email them right now.
There isn't an email address on the SF website, so I've written a letter. This is what I wrote:

I have been using SlimFast products in accordance with the “1-2-3” plan for about 8 weeks now, and am experiencing reasonable weight loss results. However, I do have concerns about the amount of carbohydrates, and in particular sugars, that are in the meal replacement shakes. It has come to my attention that in the US, low carbohydrate versions of the shakes are available, and I believe many people in the UK would also prefer to have this option as well.

I hope you have plans to bring the low carb shakes to the UK, and I would be grateful if you could let me know when you expect that this will be.

I'll let you know what their response is!

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