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May be Monday thread


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Ok folks - It may be Monday and some of us may not like the fact but look on the bright side - it's another day where you weigh less than the day before and you are one day closer to your goal so smile wide, have a bit of a wiggle and get out and enjoy the day.

My Monday waffling - well I had a lovely weekend out and about. I discovered I can now fit into 4 bras I bought about three years ago and there was no way the ends would meet across my back and now they do! I was so pleased i went out and bought 3 more! I have to stop - I am beginning to think I have a bra addiction! My mum has about 4 bras in total and I haven't counted mine but I must have about 25!
I'm at 134.5 kilos now. When i get to 125 kilos I am going to have a complete wardrobe evaluation. Hopefully that will happen over the xmas holidays and then I may have 4 days in UK in January and spend the whole time in the metro centre shopping!
After that I will lose another 30 kilos and have to do it all again!

I discovered yesterday that my 3 best friends here who are being really supportive are actually very shocked that I am sticking to this diet. They have seen me go through so many attempts before that they weren't actually expecting results. They are giving me lots of compliments :) and it helps.
I sent my mum a photo of my friend and I on the beach yesterday and she says she can tell in my face that it's getting thinner.

It's going to be fun when I get home on Dec 4th cos my mum is doing CD too and we won't have seen each other for ten weeks so we will both be seeing a big change!

Happy thoughts folks, happy energy - enjoy the cd journey!
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Yes Monday - comes around fast doesn't it?!

Didn't have a bad weekend - didn't go to the bread bin too much... i actually thought about tying a cable-tie around the bread so i couldn't get at it... but i think my OH might think i've totally lost it if I did that!!

I like being at my desk as it means there aren't many foodie distractions - apart from the tin of biscuits from someone's hols, and bag of leftover sweeties from Halloween that someone has kindly donated to the office. Great

Forgotten my bottle of water today - really cheesed off about that.

I hope everyone is feeling positive - start of another good week!!

Hello alexice and LV, and all

Firstly LV, I have had all kinds of thoughts in the past - childproof locks on the fridge etc, but what would be the point - if I could not access the food in my kitchen I would simply walk out the door to the nearest supermarket, convenience store, garage etc - to my shame I have just occasionally popped into a 24 hours Tesco at a very unusual hour to satisfy the munchies, lol! And I too don't like forgetting my water bottle when I go out, usually because it means buying another bottle and I have lots at home. But thats me, I will fritter away my cash on the silliest of things but resent paying for the basics.

Alexice, you sound so positive, you are really experiencing the joys of down-sizing your clothes. LOL at the bras, we all have something that we like. For me, its jewellery at present. I bought a blue sandstone bracelet and matching earings at Covent Garden on Saturday but pledged to my best mate that I would leave it at that, but what did I do, get home yesterday and order a blue sandstone necklace. Addicted!
Now going shopping again. Meeting my friend F at another market (Camden) this afternoon, then we are off to west London for a concert, yes ...The Nolans, so looking forward to it. Got today and tommorow off as leave - love my job but love the time off more!
See you all tommorow in daily thread x


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Blingbabe - if you wear all the stuff you buy then it's worth it. I have a lot of jewelery I don't wear so I can make myself resist things by telling myself that i actually do have some nice things at home and I just need to wear them.
My bra "addiction" started in when I got to Spain. I used to have real problems in UK getting bras that were big enough round the back but that still had just a B cup size. In Spain many manufacturers don't even do cup sizes but by happy chance the one size cup they do fits me fine! Spanish women don't tend to be very large in the chest although that is changing now with the new generation. They are becoming taller and more curvy.
Just watching Loose Women and surprised to see that Colleen Nolan is on the panel - I might have thought she would have a day off due to performing in a concert tonight. Oh well, she must have a lot of energy!
Alexice - you have probably already said but where are you planning for USA reward trip? I went to New York in the 90's, California/Hawaii a few years ago and plan Florida next year.
Will log off now and dress up a bit sparkly for Colleen, Maureen, Linda and Bernie! x


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Blingbabe - USA trip will be to Florida. When are you going? Will you tell me all about it and recommend good places. I will probably be round Tallahassee for most of it as I have friends there and also in Texas. It would be nice to see both sets but I think it will end up being Florida. I've never been to the states before and still not sure if I will be able to afford it when it comes to the time to go but it's something I have always wanted to do. I want to go on one of those air boats with the flat bottoms and I want to go round the everglades. I was determined not to go on such a long haul flight while so fat as I would find it uncomfortable so once I lose 8 stones I should be ok - I may put it off until I lose the full 12 stones that I want to lose. Still undecided.
My 4 stone reward trip to the lakes may become the 8 stone reward instead and the 4 stone may be a little holiday somewhere after xmas.

Hope you enjoy the concert!


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Classes over for the evening. Email sent off to my CDC to tell her what I need for next months supply. Had my evening soup.
Time for relax :) Hope everyone had a good day!

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