may not have won the war yet but .....


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i certainly felt the acheivement of winning a battle earlier :).
I have been having a nightmare of a day today. Day 3 and all ive thought about all day is food food food, even weighing up which foods we have in that i can eat without too much damage to ketones and weight loss :rolleyes:.
anyway at about 5pm i went into the kitchen to get my pain meds when the fridge caught the corner of my eye and called to me in ways i dont think it ever has before.
After looking at it for a few moments i walked over and opened it, looking the contents up and down like a hungry dog.
i saw ham and chicken and cottage cheese and salad ingredients and then ...... i saw the cathedral city mature cheddar cheese :drool:.
'just a small piece' i whispered as if someone around was watching me, knowing damn well i would have ended up with a huge doorstep of cheese the moment i get the knife out.
Then i said ' NO '
I put the cheese back in the fridge and thought to myself ' if i still feel like i 'need' the cheese in 30 minutes i will allow myself to eat it'
so i grabbed another pint of water and headed back to the living room where i settled down with my snuggie and my laptop and before i realised it , it was 7pm and the ' moment ' had passed.
I feel soooo good that i fought the urge. i cant remember the last time i didnt give in to temptation that strong but omg, fighting and winning feels so euthoric :D
just wanted to share this incase anyone else is having one of those 'moments' :)
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I need your will power, still having a bit of cheese myself lol

great things

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well done. a wonderful victory against lardy cheese. as you know i've been struggling with my cheese addiction lately. 2 days without cheese for me too.


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Well done you!!! Soon you wont even open the fridge door when u eye it up!

Sarah Lou

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Cheryl !! well done you ! I was at work yesterday and I watched my colleague carving up cathedral extra strong cheddar to put in her sandwich :eek: I was staring at it like an addict.. ban those pesky packs of cheese :) great acheivement hun!