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Maybe a CDC can help - re: mousse


Skinny girl in a fat body
I am on my day 1 again for 30 days and mean it this time - this is serious business:D

But, my question is this. I know it is not ketosis which loses the weight, it's the amount of calories consumed which loses the weight, ketosis only helps make it easier, right?

So, would it effect my weight loss if I had mousse from day 1? A scoop of mousse is only 18 calories, so I cannot see that effecting it too much, although it may stop me going into ketosis.

The reason I ask is that I find that looking forward to a mousse on a night time really makes this diet more bearable for me. If I could have 3 mousses a day I could live on CD forever:D I love it. I want to make this as easy as possible to stick to it but just wanted to know what a CDC thought. Thanks x
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Cambridge Consultant
Hey hon..
Being a new cdc I dont want to give you wrong info...... but I would say if it means having a mix a mousse would help you to stick with the diet (as I know you have been struggling a bit lately) then I would say go for it!!!.. If Im wrong dont shout at me anyone!!
How much did we used to love those mix a mousses miriam..... I havent had one in ages.. I hope you enjoy it hon xx


Skinny girl in a fat body
Thanks Kelly, I know for a fact I couldn't risk the bars, but I can't live without the mousse.

Ohhhhh Marissa - I love it, I could literally live on it. I am in such a better frame of mind today that I was last week about this diet. I am having a few health problems at the minute and go to hospital next week. I don't want them to make my weight an excuse so I am trying to lose a bit by next Tuesday. The mousse definately makes it easier for me to cope with the diet coz I look forward to it soooo much.

Enjoy it????????? It won't even hit the sides. I will try to savour every mouthful but know for a fact that I will ram it down me gob in seconds hahahaha
I am def jealous, the mousse isn't available here.:mad: Will ask tomorrow when i go in.


Skinny girl in a fat body
I couldn't have lost my weight without mousse. I looked forward to it all day every day for my tea. Like I said, if I could have 3 a day, I would be 6 stone :)
Hi Guys,

Maybe this is a dumb question because I only drink the tetras but why couldn't you have 3 mousses a day?? Is there more carb content or something??
It extra calories (or so I was told when I asked) not a higher carb content. If you can live with the extra few calories and it doesn't slow your weight loss I don't see why you can't have the mousse more than once a day.
There is only a trace of Carbohydrate in a mix a mousse, it has nothing to do with carbohydrates, but Mia, if you think you could stick to the diet by having 3 mix a mousses then why not try, it is less than 60 extra calories a day which is less than being on SS+. Why not give it a try, it is about finding the way this diet works for you, so if it works and you can stick to SS by having 3 mix a mousses I say go for it...
:D I'm so happy, I just called the CDC office and she said that on the next order she would get some mix-a-mousse for me. She said we don't have it here in France because people didn't like it - then she said they probably didn't know how to use it :eek: So my question is what's the secret?? are they mixer-challenged or is there a special way to fix it?
Just make sure you mix the mix a mousse in with the pack properly before adding the water otherwise you end up with lumps of gelotine in your mousse...yuck!!!:jelous:
I loveeee mixamousse with choc mint I do it like this...
Put the Bowl which I'm going to use to serve my Mixamousse in freezer for 5 mins to cool down
Put spoonful of mixamousse in my choc mint pack and shake rigourously.
Make up 170ml cold water (really cold)
put the pack into the water, and use hand whisk to mix for a good 2 mins.
I then put through a tea strainer/sieve into the bowl (out of freezer) to make sure all lumps out.
Then you can either put in fridge for a while, or me, I put in freezer, for around 10-15 mins, as it works a lot quicker, and firms up much better I think.

Serve yummmmm x

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