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Maybe a strange question but can you go to class and miss weigh in??

I've had a really bad (but good) last 5 days :eek: I was taken out for dinner on my birthday, then i had a spa day the next day - which included wine, chocolates and lunch, I then had another surprise 3 course meal out on friday and then was taken out for the day (including posh dinner) yesterday!!

I never normally go out this much in several months let alone one week, so although i wasn't really naughty i also wasn't good either :break_diet:

I have weigh in tomorrow and want to go to get back on track, but i really dont want to get weighed - to the point that i want to phone and take a holiday week. I know it sounds silly but i know i've gained, and i would rather go and stay for the class and be motivated for the week and hopefully have a loss this week, than feel upset by a gain this week :sigh:

Am i making any sense??

Helen xx
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It does make sense, but you could just make yourself disheartened next week, as you know you've gained this week, but if you don't know how much, it may still be a gain next week. For example, if you gained 5lbs but didn't weigh in then lost 2lbs the following week, it would still appear as a 3lb gain?

Just bite the bullet, you know you enjoyed yourself, weigh in and draw a line under it and get back on track!!
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You probably have gained..... But, what a fab way to have 1 week of gaining. Ie, we all have bad days/ weeks... Yours was a celebration and why should being on sw ruin that? If u weren't on sw would u be worried?? You have had a fab time!! Go back to group, accept whatever the scales say (and u never know it may be fine) and get straight back on track. Ur human, ur allowed to have fun! Gd luck and please don't let weight spoil an otherwise fab time!
If uv gained u WILL lose it xxxx


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Definitely go and get weighed - its the weeks where you don't feel you've done too well that it is even more important to go. You can always ask not to be told the result if you really don't want to know the damage
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I agree, go and get weighed, say you know you've gained to soften the blow lol! And then concentrate on having a big loss next week, you'll only be chasing your tail if you miss this week xx
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I agree go and get weighed! I went last week expectin to have a gain but stayed the same! I was very happy lol! but if you know your going to gain, it's a good thing as you know why IYSWIM?

be strong, it will help keep you on track for the following week xx


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If I were you, I would go and get weighed. There have been two weeks since I started SW where I have been out for meals and drinks but stuck to the plan the rest of the week and been pleasantly surprised to have had a loss - but even if this is the case, I always think it's good to get your official weekly weigh in and know exactly where you are :D


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Yeah you should weigh so you can be 100% next and reap the rewards, at Xmas I could go to the first weigh in after so had to go the following week even tho I'd been 110% I had a 1.5lb gain but it was because I'd probably gained 3lb or so! Just go get weighed and forget it your only living your life and it's only a little blip and I'm sure you will probably be pleasantly surprised! X
Let us know what happens!
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I reiterate that advice, bite the bullet and draw a line under and start again. There again, you may be surprised and that will encourage you. By ignoring it it will probably eat away at you, well it would me I would have to know.


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As everyone else has already said go and get weighed, you will feel so much better once you have done it and can start afresh with a new week. You never know you may have done better than you expect. Good luck tomorrow x
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As circes said you can go and get weighed and ask them not to tell you the result if you really don't want to know - they could always update your book next week when hopefully you ll be back down again ?
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I feel you fear hon! :hide:

I think if you can face it, it would be best to go to class and be weighed. However if you really don't want to WI, so much so that you are prepared to miss class, I would go along and have a quiet word with your c. Tell her your worries, explain you would like to pay to stay to class but not be weighed, and see what she says. Or you could email her first. I have been in this position myself and my c was happy for me to do that, although admittedly it was before the electronic cards came in so I don't know if that would pose a problem.
Whatever you decide, I wish you lots of luck xx


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Get weighed! I gained 2lbs onholiday and was mre determined as I Knew and lost 3lbs following week xx
Thank you all for your replies.

I think i'm just going to bite the bullet and go, I know its going to be bad (i'm guessing 5lb gain - I put it on a damn site quicker than i lose it) but like you've said at least i can start a fresh and hopefully get at least half of it off for next week.

Helen xx
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Well done Helen, you will be fine, good luck hon xx :happy096:


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Im the same, went out for the weekend and im expecting a big gain this morning! Just gonna go and face it cos i know i deserve it!:( Good luck x


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Hi hun don't know if you have been weighed yet, just wanted to say I put 5lb over my birthday week at the end of jan but lost 6lb the next week so whatever the scales say you can lose it x
Bear in mind with "special occasion" gains that unless you have gone completely overboard and eaten nothing but fried pie coated in butter and chocolate then what you are seeing on the scales as a "gain" will be the weight of the excess food and perhaps some alcohol related water retention, not the weight of you.

You would have to eat 3500 calories in excess of your usual daily amount to gain one pound of actual fat. So it takes some doing to actually have a real "body" gain. If you get straight back on plan after the event, you should avoid any real long term gain.

So dont worry, it happens!

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