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McCain's Rustic Oven Chips


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Are they really only 1 syn per 100g?

They're even thicker than me!

I had to try these but it says 120 cals per 100g (approx) isn't that 5 syns? as I thought 1syn was approx 20cals?

Anyone advise as I was going to try them after the glowing reports earlier. I'm on a red day and my chicken is cooking now so was going to syn these.

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They are indeed 1 syn per 100g on Green and EE. Potato is a free food on green and EE so as there isn't much oil used in the Rustic chips, they are low syn. I like these.

I just checked and they are 5 syns for 100g frozen on red.
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Thanks - looks like I just switched to green - that's what I call flexible lol.

Edit: I meant switched to extra easy of course!


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Oh great !!! I will definitely get some from Iceland tomorrow after work.

I love all things home made and especially the SW chips but after a very long day at work and especially longer now with the old lady to care for, I am constantly on the look out for things to make life easier.


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Well, I tried them - they are much thicker than me lol. Too thick for my liking/taste.

Will stick to the Actifry in future - I prefer the taste - even if I have to use extra virgin olive oil as a hexb (or syn) - If you like thick steak-style chips then you'll probably love them though, and to be fair they are very lowly synned.

I know a lot of people on here love them, and like Fillymum said I just fancied something to throw in the oven after a long week at work.

Oh, and they are very filling too!


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I knowww, I couldn't quite beleive it either when I read they were so low in syns, I have got them tommorow with sausage egg and beans - saturday fakeaway night sorted!

Hopefully will like them as like you said its sometimes easier to get something to shove in the oven quick.

Helen xxx


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I had these for tea tonight with a large salad and tune with egg. Had 300gms weighed them frozen on digi scales.:D


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They are 100g frozen weight = 1syn.

10 syns for the 1kg packet.

Just too thick/fat for me - nothing against oven chips, but even when I used to eat deep fried chips, I hated them when they were so thickly cut.

The SW chips and Tefal Actifry chips cut how you like are still free though remember:)