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Me and My Weight

Hey there, ive started the slimming world diet 2 weeks ago and i ve already lost 5kg which, im really amazed as i have been eating loads!!!!

Im so happy with the diet, i have tried loads of diets before, manage to loose some weight but put it back on after a couple of months, the thing is... i really can see my self keeping this diet for a long time, i mean, im not missing anything really, i still have my tuna mayo salad, my beloved pasta and potatos!!!!


all other diets i tried before were so restrictive and i guess
thats the reason why i gained the weight back.

I have to say that i really miss my olive oil sometimes, but its got so many syns that i rather have ice cream! LOL!!!

any away.. just letting you guys know, that theres someone new in the club! and i would really like to share this part of my life with you..

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Congratulations franny bunny on your brill weight loss of

5k in two weeks (11lbs.)

Seems Slimming World is the diet for you, for sure:)

Well done!

Love Mini xxx


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hiya franny :) welcome aboard!!

congrats on losing all that weight in 2 weeks, your going great guns there :wow:

sw is not just a diet but a way of life, it teaches you how to eat healthily for the rest of it so yes - you can do it for life :D

im so glad you're enjoying it, good luck, we'll be looking out for you from now on ;)

p.s you can have olive oil as a healthy extra B choice if you dont want to waste syns on it, and i dont blame you, oil or ice cream....i know what id choose :p


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Congrats on your weightloss

It's fab isn't it? :D

SW doesn't really feel like a diet IMO, it's more a healthy eating lifestyle, and it's great that we can eat a piece of fruit when we want and not have to measure out chicken, pasta, salad etc.......

I think when you have the freedom of choice it takes a lot of the pressure off and you can relax a bit, as you don't have to be hungry as you do on other diets.

SW is definitely my favourite weightloss plan, VLCDS were to restrictive and WW was to confusing, with everything being pointed etc....

Enjoy the rest of the plan, and see those pounds just dissapear :D

Good Luck,



Intuitive Eater
11 pounds is brilliant, well done to you!! :)

You can have extra virgin olive oil as a Healthy Extra B, I used to do that often when making a pasta salad.

did u ever have a bad day while dieting? well... im having a bad week!

On monday i went to london with my sister in law, and my parter in crime with all the slimming world thing when i asked her how the diet was, she goes "ohh i felt off the wagon, lasted just a few days and that was it!" that while we were entering Mc Donalds.

I kinda knew that we where gonna go there, so thats why i wanted to play smart ass and packed my lunch... laughing cow, and salmon Sand... but couldnt cope with the temptation and munched a whole meal, not just to stop there... when i came back from london, i had a take away with my husband and now i feel like S***T proper, as i excersise 1 hour and a half everyday, i did not gain alot of weight, but still manage to put 1 pound back on, even though i have been sticking to the diet the rest of the days, i have kept my syns to the MAX (10) i feel like eating fast food madly, and im hating it!!!

Today im having a green day, and i already munched 3 eggs 2 toasts, 6 tomatos, 2 jacket potatos, 2 laughing cow extra light triangles and like 5 bananas... i know they are free food and healthy extras so its ok to eat them but...still...


I think we have all gone through times like this when we end up beating ourselves up because we have fallen off the wagon, its perfectly normal, so dont worry about it, just draw a line under it and get back into the SW routine today. I had a mad weekend in Brighton for my sisters hen weekend and drank loads and ate some bad stuff too, but i knew i was going to do it, i still have a life to live, so this week i had made a proper effort to stick to the diet and drink loads of water, and i feel good about myself for getting back on track.
What im trying to say is, yes you ate a burger, but you can get back onto SW today and you will lose weight next week!!
Good luck!!
Carrie x


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S: 12st2lb C: 12st1lb G: 10st7lb Loss: 0st1lb(0.59%)
hiya frannybunny, as torquay said, we all get day/weeks like that but the important thing is to get back on track asap and dont feel too guilty about it, we have got a life to lead afterall ;)

try and eat plenty of s & ss foods if you're still feeling bad about it but you should be ok, 1 slip up shouldnt do any damage :)

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