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me at the start me 37lbs lighter (pic)


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Looking Good girl! Hope you're proud of yourself.... 37lb is a great achievement! :553::banana dancer:


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cheers I am proud of myself just wish it was showing more but it can only get better as they say lol


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Tis true that we are our own harshest critic...

it's obvious that your shrinking.... honestly.... but IKWYM about wanting it to be more obvious... I remember looking at my monthly photos and thinking.... hmmm all that weight, but, where did it go from???:rolleyes:

You ARE looking great!!!


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thanks again and i feel so much better i am going to focus on the way i feel and the fact i am fitting in to smaller clothes


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Isn't it weird how we can't see it on ourselves. I'm the same can lose 2 or 3 stone and think it doesn't show, even look at pics now of my 3 stone lighter and think I don't look much different whilst other people are screaming how much of a difference there is.. ODD>

I can honestly say though in your pics I can DEFINITELY see a difference and it's a big one, your waist has shrunk massively and your body shape is loads different.

Well done you, you look amazing!!!



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thanks i keep looking at them lol and i can see that my face looks smaller but i have not finished my journy yet so i am hoping the dramatic change will come after a few more stone
cheers peeps

I have just got back from seeing my tattooist and she said she can really see the difference and looked back on my tattoo pics and that really helped apart from my hubby she is the only one who she's me with out clothes on (she tattoo'd my back)
hey kerryberry, wow you should be well proud of yourself, you can really see the diiference in the before and after pics. i know what you mean by not noticing much yourself, i find myself staring at the mirror just to try and see a difference lol, i really should give it some time. but looking great kerryberry bet it helps to stay on the right path seeing the results
it is realy hard to see but when i was thin i thought i was fat so my body vision is rubbish lol
lol, i havent been slim in over 12 years, used to be a stick till i hit puberty then i pilled on the pounds as if there was no tomorrow! every year for the past 7 years my new years resolution was to lose weight, unlucky for me i did the opposite and now that ive finally made this change for myself im abit impatient to see results but over the last week ive realised its a slow process and will take time.
lol i was the same every new year i was right this year i am going to do it and i didn't.

this time i was going through a stressfull time and eating my way through it and i suddenly stopped and thougth bugger i am bursting out of my size 20 jeans and tipping the scales at 17.6lbs and the stress is going to carry on till xmas. So i thought by that time i will be the size of a house so decided if i can do CD during this horrible time then i am going to be ok and i am and loving this diet.

I want the results fast and to be fair 9 weeks in and i am 6lbs of half way so i am hoping by xmas i will be at goal.

So Zarina it will happen and i am surprised how quick these 9 weeks have gone good luck with your own journey

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