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Me too! Lapse

Not sure what happened but I tried on dress I'm wearing to my graduation and it was just about there, had been craving sweet stuff since having the bars and I started my new job. Was fine for the 3 days I was working and I lapsed on Friday. I've tried Friday, Sat and today to get back on but not happened. Was thinking of a way not to go to class, but have decided this is always my downfall on previous diets and I chose LL to change my ways. So back to class for me tomorrow although I've not eaten that much, carbs were included and the scales are still showing a gain. Back to work tomorrow so know I can get back on, as of now I'm hiding in my bedroom away from the kitchen.
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Awww go to your class as normal and confess thats what i did, we are only human, and as long as we get back on track its fine.
Have a soak in bath treat your self today with a non food treat.
When ur craving drink some water. I too am craving badly for a roast dinner, last night went out and all i could smell was food and i think that is what has triggered me off today. So im downing some water.
Dont get disheartened move on and get back on the wagon. Just dont give up!!!


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I am really glad to hear your going to class, I think if you never went you would never manage to go back. Just remember that the LLC will have heard of lapses before and I bet it will be a big help for you. I have very tempted by crisps and popcorn today, my boys are having a relaxing day and there seems to be snacks everywhere but I just keep reminding myself why i choose to do this. How about getting a notebook and witing down all the reason you want to lose more weight and how it will make you feel, then read it back when you are struggling.

Well done for moving on, you can do it!


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Good luck, Minime - I am sure you can and will get back on and please don't beat yourself up at all for your lapse xx
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Hi minime, you'll come back from your blip even more determined to lose the gained weight and really get the rest shifted

Your dress will look gorgeous for your graduation - good luck when it come.

LRO xx
the most important thing is you know what you did you have admitted it and are trying to get back on that takes guts and shows you are determined just think of this next time you have moment and it should boost you great weight loss btw

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