Me vs Comfort Eating Demon..


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S: 10st11lb C: 9st10lb G: 8st7lb BMI: 24.1 Loss: 1st1lb(9.93%)
Hello everyone!

Ok, I seem to have gone through a cycle of starting a diet, all falling apart, putting back on the weight I lost and then disappearing from this forum in shame...

...but I have good news! I'VE LOST A STONE!!!!

So. Here's the more detailled version of my post in "strugglers and restarters"

I've figured out in the past, the biggest cause for my massive weight gain was comfort eating. Well....that's not entirely true. I've figured in the past few weeks, the factors in weight gain (and weight loss) for me have been a mixture of the following:

  • The diets of the people I live with
  • A chronic addiction to sugar!!
  • The junk food culture of first year uni students (chinese takeaways...)
  • Emotions.

I got to uni in 2007 a slim size 12, still not at my target weight, but feeling good. I was getting attention from guys, I had a flat of lovely people to live with and was having a generally great time. Then gradually I slipped into the eating habits of my housemates. I swapped salads and healthy casseroles for kievs and chinese takeaways. I started drinking more, and a night out was always ended with a trip to the local chippie for chips and cheese and garlic sauce (the thought of it makes me sick now!!)

Unsurprisingly, I piled on the weight. By April I was over 10 stone. By the end of the year, I was almost 11 stone.

And there starts the vicious circle. I started to feel down about myself. The attention from the guys stopped, my clothes didn't fit, and I just felt fat. I remember being in tears to my mum on the phone saying "I feel so fat but I can't lose weight". (crap, i wasn't even trying!)

I'd then "suffocate my sorrows" in more junk food, chocolate, chips etc etc until the end of the year. Over the summer I lost a little weight, and got back to uni feeling a bit better...but then the housemates happened. I made the mistake of living with a bad mix of people - in that they got along fine, but I didn't fit in with one of the people. It's all very complicated, it would take me another whole blog to tell that story (but if anyone's interested in the most ridiculous housemate story of all time, feel free to ask!)

Anyhoo, I slipped into my worst comfort eating cycle for years, the last time I remember being that bad was back when it all started (again, another story!) when I was 13.

There was a space of a few weeks where I was in a sort-of-relationship but not (as in, to everyone else we were going out, we were effectively going out...but without anything physical happening. Despite the fact we both fancied each other. Weird...)Anyway. Within those few weeks the eating stopped...but when that thing ended I slipped back into it but even worse than before!

After Easter this year I decided to make a change. I did the Jason Vale diet, lost 7lbs in a week...then couldn't be bothered following the plan for longer and put it all back on again. My weight yo-yoed a bit more between April and July, until I finally decided to make a change.

I weighed myself towards the end of July, just before I left my house up here to go home for the summer. I weighed 10 stone 10, or there abouts, and at only 5ft 3, it made me look pretty big.

I went home with several incentives to lose weight:

1) I'm organizing freshers events this coming year and dn't want to be "that fat one who planned the parties" (you know how cruel people can be!)

2) I have lovely new housemates for this year, and therefore no reason to be upset

3) I "swore off men" for the summer. I've fancied different guys constantly from when I was about 14. Thats 6 YEARS of disappointment! The lack of that pressure's made me so much happier, more confident and helped me to accept myself.

I didn't weigh myself once through August. I went home and my mum put me on a mini-boot camp. I ate ridiculously healthily, but didn't deprive myself of the occasional treat if I really wanted it...I'd just make sure it was actually that treat I wanted, and not just me thinking I want it.

I didn't find it hard, on the contrary it was easy. Food tasted better without all the sugar, and I started feelign more and more confident.

By the end of the summer, after a night out and a wedding (at both of which I'd found and chatted to the best-looking guys in the room, something I'd have never done before!) my confidence was soaring. My role planning freshers week's also helped this, as my social standing at uni has increased a million fold, which has also done wonders!

I finally weighed myself yesterday and got the nicest surprise ever- I have lost a stone since I last weighed myself. I now weigh 9 stone 10. That's the lightest I've been for over a year.

I've got another stone to lose until I"m completely 100% happy with my figure, but I'm already feeling a million times more confident. It's going to be a difficult term sticking to this diet at uni, but hopefully, with nicer flatmates (and flatmates with better diets at that!), and with more confidence, I can do it.

Watch this space....!
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S: 10st11lb C: 9st10lb G: 8st7lb BMI: 24.1 Loss: 1st1lb(9.93%)
Well I've not done too badly. Cheated a little with a bit of chocolate (oops, but I blame hormones!) Anyway, I'm getting back on track and didn't go too off the rails.

I've changed my mind, and I'm not going to weigh myself again until the 4th Oct, and then again until the 26th. It's less discouraging when you havethese little blips. Still, I'm feeling good, getting compliments on having lost weight! Went to the hairdresser yesterday, and the first thing she said was "have you lost weight?"

What a good feeling that was!

Also, I've just noticed my stats - total weight loss since I started 15lb, only 17 to go. I'M ALMOST HALF WAY THERE, this makes me so happy, hah!!

Bring on the skinny jeans, I say! xx
p.s. if you're reading this, let me know!!