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me vs the fat

well im on my second day now!!
didnt think i was going to survive the first day so im pleased apart from the headaches i feel so thirsty doesnt matter how much water i drink my mouth is so dry not sure if that is normal?

the diet is not as bad as i thought it would be so far the hardest bit has been cooking dinners for the kids in the evenings

just going to try to make it through the weekend and take it day by day :D
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Hiya Kellieanne

I know what you are saying about the weekends. I find them quite tough. The routine of work during the week suits me. At the weekend I tend to window shop with my mum on a saturday as I don't want to buy any clothes until I am at target. I used to be a size 8 so I don't need to buy jeans as i'm slimming as I have every size in my wardrope. I've thrown out the size 18's and am mainly into my 16's. However at the start of this week I managed to get into my first size 14 trousers! On a sunday I normally just read the papers. I have to say this diet has turned me into a complete bore. I was invited out next saturday night on a work due and I have turned down the offer. Some people are ok going out and not eating and drinking but I'm no good at that!
Once you get through the first week you will be flying.
well done you for getting into your size 14s
yep i feel like a bore already the family are all out for a meal next weekend and im not going not sure i could resist the temptation lol
i just want to spend the next week at home so not to be tempted
mouth was watering just feeding the ducks today lol
im off out to take the kids to the arcades by the seaside need something to take my mind off the food cravings :cry:
well day 3 is nearly over with!!

i have to say next doors bbq smells so good that i have thought about scaling the fence to steal a burger but not sure if i have the energy to make it over lol

not feeling as bad today as yesterday so im hoping things will start to get easier
the other half is off out tonight and the kids are in bed so im going to watch a dvd and chill out x
Hiya Kellieanne

I was laughing away to myself at you wanting to 'scale the fence to steal a burger'. It's so funny I know how you feel. It makes you feel that your addicted to something like you need another fix. I didn't have a chinese last night and pat myself on the back for that.
How are you getting on today?
well done u for not having the chinese
omg today i feel worse than i have done for the last 3 days i feel zapped of energy and faint and does the headache go at all?

and to make things worse we are going to a family bbq, i would just like the ground to open up and swallow me :cry:
Hiya Kellieanne

It's true the first week is by far the hardest. But once your over that it gets alot easier.
Goodluck for the bbq tonight. Just think when you get on those scales at your pharmacy you are going to get a good result, so stick at it. You have got through the hardest part the first 3 days and after the around the 5th the headaches should go. Goodluck.
i have come this far im not going to give up now
thank you for you support it really helps, at least i wont have 2 scale any fences today lol
well i got through day 4 just

feeling a bit better today, but yesterday was vile i have never felt so bad
im hoping this is the start of feeling better
i have to say im quite proud of myself went to a bbq yesterday and wasnt even tempted :D
have a good week everyone xx
good luck with your weigh in hun i have got mine on thursday so still got a couple of days to lose the pounds lol x
well day 5 is nearly over with and the headaches are not so bad now and im feeling alot better cant wait for my weigh in on thursday now
yay so glad things are getting easier on day 3/4 i felt there was no light at the end of the tunnel but this forum has been a great support thanks 2 all you lovely ppl got a long way to go but im on the right track
yay day 6 nearly over with
first weigh in tomor and im feeling quite nervous silly really but as i dont feel like i have lost any weight im wondering what the scales will say :confused:

feeling good today still feeling slightly sluggish in the morning but that passes quickly


Here we go again!
Good luck for your weigh in tomorrow, if you you have been 100% you will have a great loss!

Well done for getting through the bbq so early on in the diet, it's hard but it does get easier. My hubby just cooked a roast for him and my daughter and it smelt great! I sat there and had my choc shake and just can't wait when I can have a roast too.

Can't wait to see how you have done tomorrow!
hi bev

i have been 110% haha its been tough but is getting better
its not to bad for me as the other half is on weight watchers and doesnt really eat round me and my nan has been making the kids dinners for me so the most i have to deal with is warming it up or the lunch time sarnies, the bbq was a killer though x


i want to be like betty
good luck for tomorrow i am sure it will be a nice suprise for you i was amazed on my first week Ann
thank you ann i hope so x

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