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meal before weigh in

was last night. wednesday night.

It was the first time i have done that as well, cos i usually eat fruit and yoghurt til afterwards and then I have a jacket potato, cos the meeting is at 5.30pm.
i weigh at 6.30, never eat after 1pm, ever!

if you did that every week, as a norm.. then itd make no diff, as whatever the scales say, will be the same loss.. granted you may weigh less on the scales if you didnt, but if you do the same each week, the weight loss will be the same..

i.e if before your weighed in on your first meeting youd eaten a carby meal.. and you weighed 11st (for example) and then you had a week on plan and went back to class for your official first weigh in and you lost 4lbs, bringing you to 10 st 10lbs.. it would be the same loss, if you were to not eat that meal.. and weighed in at 10st 13 because you hadnt eaten before.. and went in the week after, had your meal before you weighed at lost 4lbs, bringing you to 10st 9lbs..

what im saying is, your weight fluctuates no matter what, but if you do the same before WI every week, no matter what the numbers say, your losses would be the same? of course is you ate before one weigh in, and not at the next, it may look like a bigger loss.

okay, does any of that make sence? im confusing myself now with all the numbers :D
heehee, yea it does fern thanks, lol.
It was the first time i have eaten a big meal before weigh in, i usually just have a salad or fruit & yoghurt.
I lost -1lbs and became slimmer of the month, which is a huge bonus, just its eating away at me, I could have lost more and gotten my first stone award if i didnt eat that meal.


4. 8. 15. 16. 23. 42.
I'm quite lucky as mine is 9.30 in the morning but it's quite a long walk and come 11am my stomach starts rumbling :( tis quite embarrassing. Going to have some toast this week, I guess it will alter what the scales say but only until the next week where I shall keep doing the same!
How much did that meal weigh? If you ate something which weighed one pound, you would be one pound heavier straight afterwards. At that stage it wouldn't matter if it was a pound of lettuce or a pound of lard because you wouldn't have begun to digest it. (Not that I am suggesting that you eat a pound of either of those!)
toast wont do anything hon.

if your hungry, eating somthing light.. and i mean like physcially light. Toast weighs nothing, so how is it going to make you heavier?? pasta on the other hand when cooked, can weigh heavy.

Dont be too upset honey, yes okay you can theorise that your loss may have been better if you didnt eat that meal.. but you cant guess what you would have lost this week. Losses slow after the first weigh in more often than not, you may have only altered the scales by half a lb, maybe even nothing.

there have been weeks when iv eaten later in the aft. than i like, or somthing quite heavy for lunch, and loss far more than expected.. other weeks i have been so good, and hadnt eaten past 1.. and gained, sts or only lost half.

You will never know how much you lost exactly this week, so i wouldnt let yourself get upset over it, youv had a loss.. id be far more upset if id sts or gained a little if i genuinly thought it was the meal..

plus, if you did loose more than 1lb this week, itl bump whatever you lose on the scales this week wont it.. :) xxx
avisk, i may be totally dumb here.. but whether youv begun to digest it, wouldnt it be the same as if say.. she ate the meal and weighed, as if she stood on the scales holding the meal in her hands?

o_O am i being silly. I just assumed once its in you, its there.. digested or not!?
I go on how full I feel, if I ate a bowl of pasta then I'd feel really full whereas my normal meal of cottage cheese and ryvita or ham salad doesn't make me feel full.

I'm a bit odd with pasta - I never even eat it the day before WI as I was once told it holds water so can make you weigh heavier.
Whether there's truth in it or not, I don't know. I do know that after 3 years I can't change things!!!
lol avisk, it was quite a big bowl, the asda white plastic mixing bowl i used. it was 3/4 full, left some at the end, cos i was filling up, but not much. I have this amount before and lost 6lbs and 2lbs, cos its all i eat at night, cos it fills me up all night.
i always make sure the mayo uses my syns correctly, I use the baking spoons, u know the ones with different measurements, always use that for mayo or when ever i need a table spoon of something.
just so frustrating I was expecting a 2lb lost cos im doing the xmas tree for 2 stone for xmas and i came out with 1. never mind ill go back to my salad and fruit before weigh in and hopefully a big lost.

Thanks fern, jaylou and avisk. love coming here and spilling it all out, because when it comes to my friends, they dont understand and they say im making excuses, just say u had a bad week. which i know i didnt cos i was gunning for the stone award. friends pppfffttttt lol
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avisk, i may be totally dumb here.. but whether youv begun to digest it, wouldnt it be the same as if say.. she ate the meal and weighed, as if she stood on the scales holding the meal in her hands?

o_O am i being silly. I just assumed once its in you, its there.. digested or not!?
Yes, that's right. It would depend how far the digestive process had got before you weighed in - whether there had been any "elimination", so to speak!!

And also, once you begin to digest something, the effect of the calories of what you have eaten will affect your weight. The pound of lettuce will disappear eventually, not having had much effect. The same could not be said about the pound of lard, which may well make rather more than a pound of difference!

As a Weight Watchers consultant once said to me (this was a long time ago, you understand, before I knew about SW!) - "if you eat a pound of biscuits now, you will weigh a pound more - but tomorrow will be a different story!"
I have to say one of the reasons I found a morning group was not only because it was better for my work schedule, but when I was doing SW or WW before I never really ate on the day of WI.

Then we'd go for treat night afterwards.

Now with morning WI, we WI from 9:30am, and the best thing to do is what ALL the girls in our group do, take fruit, yoghurt and alpen/hifi bars and then after WI thats "breakfast" :)
I have a similar worry! I'm going to a 9.30am group atm but next week I can only go at 7pm...my wii fit says a persons weight can go up about 2.2lbs over a day, so I doubt I'll even get a loss :(

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