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meal ideas needed...

Hiya Dory,

Welcome aboard to the trip of the new you :)

There are some meals posted on this site ....I have a Alli Diet Plan book and use the recipes from that (highly recommend the book)
I have put a couple of links on here there is lots of information you will need on them as well as food ideas and recipes

Drink plenty of water......when you look at a food packet when it say's per 100g don't go over 5g of fat....joint Free Calorie Counter, Diet & Exercise Journal | MyFitnessPal.com and log all your food and you will also find out how many calories you should be eating.........(don't add extra calories once exercise is added)

http://www.mapassist.co.uk/ you will need the batch number on your box to register

Xenical - Healthy Recipes

Goodluck and let me know how your getting on :)

mrs a

fat,frumpy,fed up
i had poached chicken breast with uncle bens s/s sauce, half a baked potato, small amount of boiled rice and it was luvvly xxx
thats great Mrs A,

how are you finding it so far ?

I am having M&S breaded haddock and mccain wedges with peas yum xxxx

mrs a

fat,frumpy,fed up
i did a lot of munching today - all allowed but more than i would have liked .
not so strong today - still very tired from worrying about my dad :sigh:

but ......i'll get there this time :D

must say all you nice girls are helping me :thankyou:


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tonight i'm having homemade lentil dahl (made this morning before work!) with a chicken leg (skin removed) which is marinading in my fridge just now (spices only, no oil). chicken legs in the oven, about 180 for an hour, they stay nice and juicy because of the bone.
heres the recipe i use for the dahl, minus the oil.
Dahl Recipe - Red Lentil Daal Recipe - Spicy Lentil Dahl Recipe
We are all here for each other hun ....we all need that support :)

My Dr told me today even if it means going over your calories if you munch on fruit and things that aren't fatty then it won't matter.....

I hope your Dad gets better soon hun xx


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i'm over my calories every day as per myfitnesspal, however i'm eating loads of fruit, veg, etc so i'm not bothered.
Hiya Zoso

My Dr told me today that if your snacks ect are fruit and veg then it won't matter going over calories.....its when the snacks contain fats ect it will matter xx
Zoso is ur username on mfp the same as on here ?
sorry dolly, i was on my lunch break when i posted today, my username on mfp is zosobaby xxx
np hun will add you if thats ok xxx
no bother, though i'm still working out how to use it so be patient with me if i havent added you right away! x
np hun....everything takes time in getting used to lol xx

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