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MEasured for new bras today - wierd size!!!


has started again!!
I have always worn a D, DD or E cup bra, depending on where I have been weight wise, but most often a DD. I have varied between a 44 and 38 inch band, again, depending on weight etc., with a 42 being the norm of late.

My bras have become as little use as a chocolate teapot, and even my daughter has commented on my lack of "upthrust" . (She is 8!!!!) So today, I decided it was time to get measured and see where I am.

I am now wearing a size 36, but an F cup!!!! How the blinkin nora did that happen? My boobs have sort of deflated from the top down, and tend to sit somewhere around my waistband, when unfettered!! The lady in Contessa said that although I need a smaller band, the cup size goes up in proportion. But... and this is my issue...an F cup is not easy to get hold of! Luckily my local Debenhams have just started a summer sale, and thankfully I managed to pick up 4 new bras in there. I have no idea how much more my size will change?

Any ideas anyone? Also, can you recommend any good online shops for us ladies with boobus giganticus???
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I wore for years a 44DD or 42DD:eek: A work colleague suggested I go to Bravissimo to be measured so off I trotted and was measured as a 38G:eek: and the difference was amazing there was definately 'uplift'...... I am still a 38G although when I lost weight last year went down to a 36F. I have found more shops are catering for the 'fuller busted/cupped' woman these days and you will be able to get the size you need from most M&S (I got a really nice plain white and black and neutral coloured bra for £8 each!!)... To be honest and F cup is easier to get hold of than you might think....

Check out the Bravissimo website for 'special' bras - they have gorgeous ones....

I've also got bigger bras from Asda and Matalan and Primark do bigger cup sizes - not sure if they do F though - I think so.....?

Oh and my mum who is a slim size 12 with big boobs went from a size 36DD to a 32F.... she was in shock!!

Happy bra hunting....;)


finding my way again !
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i am now in a 34 FF from previously being a 40 E, FF is even harder to get the shops, F but i use Bravissimo too, where they accomodte for a range of "bigger" sizes.


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Bravissimo have saved my life - in the past I used to live in Triumph Doreen bras as that's all I could get to fit but Barvissimo is deffinately excellent.

They can be a little pricey but I have found a Panache style which is around the £24 mark and I've bought it in every colour as new one's come out.

I went from putting and extender strap on the back of a 40JJ to now being comfy in a 38H done up on it's tightest setting.

I think the different styles and makes do vary alot is size. When you were in a DD was it because you had been measured for one or was that the largest cup you could find in the back size you needed. As I understand it alot of ladies tend to wear too small a cup size.

I have always been really proud of my big boobs but since slimming they have hit the floor as it were and that does upset me but I just try not to think about it. No one can see that when I'm dressed after all.

Hope Bravissimo shapes up for you (te he) xxxxxx


has started again!!
Thanks all, sounds like at the end of this journey it will be Bravissimo for me!!

Glad it was not just a anomaly with me!

As for your question, Champess, you could be right. I was never properly measured for my bras, just tired on until I found one I "thought" fitted!!

At least I know better now.

Hi, i have just stared LL and was hoping that my bust size would decrease as i am currently 38 E (not been measured tho!) i am looking to lose 4 1/2 stone that would make a difference, i am surprised to see that you still have large cup size! will they firm up again in time? do you think!
I have just spent £400 at Bravissimo on new undies and swimwear since loosing weight. I was a 38G then I was a 36GG a month ago I was a 32F and now I am a 30E/F! All measured at Bravissimo but I am now at the weight I want to be so am happy with that.

You tend to go down in the backsize and the up in the cup size

Bravissimo is great and they do mail order aswell if you cant get to the shop for a fitting they can fit over the phone

Hi Sez
I really think there is a trend to smaller band bigger cup.In the Bra world.
32 DD and a 34 D Is really the same size
With the weight loss my boobs have seemed to go down from the top but the bottem of my boobs are wide.I have a very small back.
So the answer for me is a push up Bra
It has changed my look!!!!!


has started again!!
I just ordered a BNWT 36F bra from Ebay, Naturana (I think). It looks really pretty, and I think it was a good deal £9.49 inc postage. Had a look on some other websites and the rrp seems to be alot higher than that.

Thanks for advice girls. oh, & also hada look at Bravissimo website too. OOOH, lovely stuff!! Will save that for when my shape has stopped changing!!

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