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Measuring success by the scales


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Great post KD. I've been a slave to the scales in the past so now I don't own any. I'm going to leave the weighing business to my CDC and just get on with the 100%. :)


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Was just thinking...since your CDC doesn't have to actually see you each week, she wouldn't have to weigh you weekly either. As long as she's weighing monthly, you could still see her for goodies/support etc weekly

Anyway, don't think it matters really. Once you know how it can make the ol' thinking a bit crooked, you can find a way around it or 'turn off' and focus on your own intrinsic motivation IYKWIM ;)
I'm sure you're right. :D This is just my way of making this restart a teeny bit different, LOL. Anyway, my CDC's happy to weigh me monthly, so onwards and downwards!
I'm sure you're right. :D This is just my way of making this restart a teeny bit different, LOL. Anyway, my CDC's happy to weigh me monthly, so onwards and downwards!

Hi chick have just seen a couple of your posts regarding being a slave to the scales, I am on my millionth restart but this time round my CDC suggested I don't find out how much I have lost over the first couple of weeks. The reason for this is I would re-start do a week and if I hadn't lost loads I would then cheat. For me this has worked brilliantly and I am now 11ish weeks in and still have no clue as to where I was or where I am now. All that matters to me is that my clothes are getting looser and I feel so much healthier, and no longer obsessing what numbers flash up on screen.

Good luck to ya.
I have just read this again for the 2nd time and it just puts everything in order. its made me feel so proud of being 100%. Thanks KD xx


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Brilliant post. Thankyou. :happy096:


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Yet more wise words from the oracle!! Thank you KD - Not able to rep you again atm - but wish I could!!! xx
Excellent post, I'm printing this off and sticking it in the bathroom with my scales :p
Just read this KD and it's just what I need, thanks. I'm just scared diet might not work though but I don't suppose it's possible. You are such an amazing help! x
Just read your post and it is brilliant, having a bad day today and it put it into perspective x

Many thanks :)
Just read that for the first time and it's brilliant. Very inspiring! Thank you!


is back on it...
Brill post... going to stick it on the fridge! :) x


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i have finally put my mind at ease over the disappointments on official WI days... i bought myself some digital scales & spent the weekend weighing myself after every act (a shake, going to the loo, getting up, 5.30pm (WI time) before bed, dressed & undressed etc)

i now understand why my CDC was getting less loss WI's then i was.
i weighed myself yesterday morning and saw an 8 lb loss, i added on the 3 lb i worked out i'd be heavier by 5.30pm WI and the 2 lb i figured for being dressed which left a 3 lb loss.
Low and behold at my official WI i had a 3 lb loss (as anticipated) so was not downhearted like last monday.

in the past i would have taken my disappointment and gone home and binged. NOT yesterday!! i came home and celebrated with a chocolate shake, i feel so much better for obsessing all weekend on the scales & i havent jumped on them since my WI.
Thats is amazing I love it im going to print it off and laminate it for myself thank you for those words

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