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Medications and values

In the last 2 weeks I have been put on various different medication, 3 types for my asthma, and just last night I was put on amoxycillin (sp?) for a bad ear infection. One of the meds was a steroid, which I have finished taking now, but do inhalers or antibiotics have any calorific value, or syn value?
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Oh I know, I am taking them, I just didn't know whether I had to count them in somehow. I have the blue inhaler, a salmon coloured inhaler (steroid 200mg) and was on prednisolone for a week, but now stopped that, and now amoxycillin.


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No they won't have a syn value - it's usually only the things that come in lozenge or sugary syrup format have have syns. So things like cough syrups etc


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Hi there hunney

I think its really important that if we are given medications that we need for our health we should take them. I dont think the things that you have mentioned would contain any syn values, its mostly the things we can buy over the counter like lozenges and cough syrups etc that would be syns.

I take a huge amount of medication daily for various health issues and I've asked my SW consultant about this and also about the idea that certain medications will cause you to gain weight (the pill, depo and so on) and she told me that no medication will actually cause you to gain weight although it may cause your appetite to increase and if you make unsensible choices when you do feel more hungry then you clearly would gain weight.

Take your medication hunney, it needs to come first before worrying about anything else.


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