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Meet Up Arranged:)

Discussion in 'Slimming World Off Topic' started by Happy Holidays, 12 February 2013 Social URL.

  1. Happy Holidays

    Happy Holidays Gold Member

    Ok I've was reading one of the diaries on here & they had a meet up, I felt a little left out as I've never met anyone on here & I've so many 'virtual' friends on here. It was suggested a meet was arranged.

    I'm willing to arrange this.

    If you really do want to come to the meet either post here or pm me where you live & the mainline station closest to you. I'll do my best to arrange somewhere relatively easy for all of us to get to. I get free rail travel so can go anywhere.

    Only post/pm me you info if you really do intend to come as I'll try & fit everyone in.

    It will be a Saturday or Sunday as I work Monday - Friday.

    Also let me know what dates you can't do.

    Happy meet:D
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  3. *Emsie*

    *Emsie* Gold Member

  4. WelshJojo

    WelshJojo Gold Member

    Me too, but would depend on when and where x have pm'd u
  5. *EB*

    *EB* Gold Member

    Lets do it !!! Xxx

    I live in Warwickshire so probably Stratford or Birmingham is good for me.
  6. Jo-Lou

    Jo-Lou Full Member

    I'd love to meet everyone im fair close to liverpool and wigan slap bang in the middle :) I cant travel to far but id do my very best to make it depending on the location and date ( Im hoping to get away on holiday last week april first week of may) :)
  7. Princess_Stevie

    Princess_Stevie Gold Member

    I'd love to meet some of you lovely ladies, but I think I am pretty far away from you all in little old County Durham!

    Hope you get something organised and have a lovely time. It would be so lovely to put faces to names :)
  8. Liverbird52

    Liverbird52 Gold Member

    Hi would like to meet up ,I am in liverpool .
  9. GothGoddess

    GothGoddess Time to start again!

    I live in Burton on Trent but that's pretty handy for everywhere... I work every other weekend but could swap if I have notice...xx
  10. Happy Holidays

    Happy Holidays Gold Member

    Yay that's brill, it seems like quite a few are in a similar location so that should be easyish to arrange.

    Princess_Stevie, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, how sad, you live too far away, we'll post happy messages on the day to you so you don't feel left out.:D

    Ok I'll now get my thinking cap on, happy days.
  11. xJoanneJJx

    xJoanneJJx Gold Member

    Would love to met up with my lovely friends on here but like Stevie, I'm quite far away from you all up in Newcastle and can't really afford expensive trains atm! Would love to read about your day though :)
  12. Jenna88

    Jenna88 Gold Member

    I win...I'm a boat/plane away haha!
    Hope you get something sorted and I want a full blown report on here after its over :)
  13. Happy Holidays

    Happy Holidays Gold Member

    I'm hoping to propose a venue, date & time within the next few days, strike while the irons hot!!!!!!!!
  14. *EB*

    *EB* Gold Member

    How exciting! Hope it's a date and place we can all get to :)
  15. Mrs.S.

    Mrs.S. Gold Member

    I would love to do this!

    Am in leeds so will see where you all decide and then let you know xx
  16. cat yoyo greaves

    cat yoyo greaves Gold Member

    Im not far from Leeds 10 min drive from skipton train station
  17. Liverbird52

    Liverbird52 Gold Member

    love skipton,going for weekend in april.
  18. Jenny809

    Jenny809 Gold Member

    Where's the meet then girls? x

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  19. Happy Holidays

    Happy Holidays Gold Member

    Not decided yet, I'll work on this tomorrow eve, don't think I'll have time tonight, but I'm thinking of arranging it for in a few weeks time, poss 1st/2nd Saturday in March?
  20. Pommette

    Pommette Trying - very!

    Have a lovely time ladies - would love to come but I'm evenb further away than Newcastle or NI !!!! :8855:
  21. WelshJojo

    WelshJojo Gold Member

    We should arrange a meet up in Spain then you and Sue can come-and we get a holiday in the sun ;) x

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