meet ups


Serial Foodie!
do you do any meet ups near the southwest? or just portsmouth and birmingham?

and what happens at a meet up? lol

I'd love to go to one in the future :D
I have been to a few. In Birmingham (been twice) we all stayed and went out together, in London we just met during the day and chatted, and in Newcastle went out and had a great time. Each time it was great to meet new friends and we all have something in common and each time i have come home inspired. There's one planned for Bath about eastertime. Keep looking in the section on meetings

Definately worth going. I have met some wonderful friends.
Irene xx
oooh. Hubby took me to Bath earlier this year and i loved it. I live miles away but would love to go to Bath again and a meet up seems like the best excuse ever!!!!!
Shall I add you to the list as interested in the Bath Spa meet up Boofaloo?

Dizzy x
i'll come to one in bath if ppl r staying over. will drag sonkie too if poss :D

I would suggest a meet up in my local pub but thats probably very lazy of me lol
I've bumped up the thread if you'd like to add your names as interested. I guess it will be a pub or wine bar.

Dizzy x
i'll ask sonkie if she'll come and we'll sign up as interested, thanks :)

3 days til ur hols?!! Have loadsa fun! (as if u need me to tell you to ;) )
Thanks, was away a couple of weeks ago, week in Berlin. I'm beginning to question my wisdom on booking to hols this close to Xmas. I thought it would make me super organised. Wishful thinking though.

Dizzy x