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meeting a cdc on the 31st to give this a go..


Getting there!!!
hi guys!

i started tfr last september and lost 34lb before xmas.

then fell off over xmas and started again on lipotrim 2 weeks ago.

its so tough to get back into it. my god.

im actually binging on food now so so bad :cry: so i decided i will try cd for a freash start and new approach.

has anyone left lipotrim and found the support of a cdc any better with sticking to this.
or even has it helped you change your habits by only having one person to focus on this important life changing event with you???
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I did Lipotrim for a week & didn't like how it was handled at all!
I'm also on my second cdc as I didn't really like the first & some of her "ways".

BUT I love my cdc now. He's absolutely ace. Always texting you to help keep you going. Doesn't give you "the look" if you've put on of had a bad week, his house is so welcoming, I could go on....

You may feel that just starting a different vlcd helps as cd has so much more variety & imo tastes better than lipotrim. But you're not guaranteed a supportive cdc, some stories on here about some of them aren't great, but then there are some gems who are really behind you.

Anyway, I hope I made sense..... Good luck with whatever you decide. xx


Getting there!!!
thanks a mil zobo! my cdc is keelin! i live in dublin! maybe i can chat to you also as i do the diet?! you seem to have the same mindset as me :) i need to lose another 2 stone 9lb! i hope by starting something new ill be able to shift this forever! i'd love to feel confident about my body again! have you only 11lb left to lose :)
Good luck. Haven't done any other VLCD but the CD and CD support on here is brilliant. Non judgmental no matters how many times one re-starts or my new preferred word "resumed" as Serena suggested I use. I like that much better!
I swapped from Lipotrim to Cambridge and have managed to stick to it so far, just because of the variety, shakes, soups, porridge, bars, and ready made tetras (which are a godsend for me for work).
I am sooooooo glad I made the change, however my cdc wasn't very good, so am swapping to the same one as Zobo as we live in the same area.

Good luck with whichever was you decide to go, and remember we are all on her for support if you need us.

Take care

Michelle x


Getting there!!!
lol!! thats great! ive messed around on lipotrim and its made it even harder to get back on track! its not a nice feeling having 3 people in the chemist staring at you when you return after a missed week! i know by starting cd ill be so focused! im only starting next weekend because im moving to a new house on the 30th and i got a new treadmill! cant wait now! i have a complete gym now just need a trampoline! they're meant to be the business!
are you starting today!!
No I have already started, onto Day 9 and stuck to it 100% which since beginning of December (my planned birthday weekend off)
has never happened. Think my head is in the right place to do this now so thats great. Just using up the stock from my old unhelpful cdc and then will make the change to a new cdc.

Hope the move goes ok for you and wow a gym, there's no excuse now eh?

take care and good luck

Michelle x


Silver Member
Yes we could chat anytime. I've got 10lb to lose, need to change my ticker. I'll be 9stone then. I'd like to be 8st 7lb, but I'll re assess that when I get to 9st.
Once you get into it I don't find it that difficult to stick too. It's just the first week - 10days that's a killer!
The good weight losses are also a fab incentive to stick to it.

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