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Megs Sixx - Battle to Lose Weight Diary

Wowsers, This forum is an amazing inspiration!! I'm new here and hoping to lose a lot of weight. This post will probs get epic long but thats the purpose right?

A Bit About Me:

I'm 19 years old from South West England, I'm a photography nut and plan to make it into a career. I've got four very lively ponies that counts as my companions for walkies.

I love rock music and rock bands such as Motley Crue, AC/DC, Def Leppard and Guns N Roses

I'm a junk food addict, just absolutely love junk food such as Pizza Hut, Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream, chocolate, crisps etc... *wishful drooling*

Weight Loss Diary

As I had mentioned, I'm a junk food addict. My problem is that I don't eat any form of vegetables or salads (unless potatos count?). It's a problem for me as I want to eat veggies and salads to be healthy, but when it comes to eating the actual stuff, I freeze and my head tells me not to eat it. So frustrating :cry:

I'm quite heavy for my height and for my age, I'm 18 stones 11 (253lbs) and a size 22.

I would love to get down to 10 stones 7 (149lbs) if I could and would be happy to be a 14/16.

It's making me miserable that there are so many awesome clothing out there and I can't wear any, and especially gothic clothing of corsets and tutus, rock n roll style, oh how I dream of those clothes! Plus being able to buy lingerie without forking out so much money at plus size stores and online. :sigh:

I had done Slimming World before when I was 17 for a year where I went from 19 stones 10lbs to 17 stones 5lbs. Then I met my boyfriend and stopped going to Slimming World. So sadly, I had relapsed but very glad that I didn't put all of it back on, just 1 stone 6lbs and my dress size stayed at size 22 as opposed to me being a 26/28.

And my BMI used to be 47.8 and now is 44.8

What Am I Doing Now?

Well, I did start before easter *big mistake* and lost 2lbs but now put on 3lbs over Easter. So i decided 21-04-09 would be my proper start date for me.

I've signed up for the gym and swim (although now I'm not too well at the moment so gonna recover first). But I've been doing the minimum of 25 lengths (Half a mile) in half hour every time I go and then up it by four lengths each visit. I plan to try and swim at least a mile after each visit by June if i can. :eek:


Weight started: 18 stones 11.5lbs
Dress Size: 22
BMI: 44.8

Here's a picture of me as of March 7th 2009. need to update it with a new photo soon. (im the one in stripes lol)

and a face closeup :eek: this was after i put the weight back on and had temporary hair colour.

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Today's Menu - 22/04/2009

Breakfast - 2 Bananas

Lunch - Baked Potato with Beans & Cheese, no butter

Dinner - Rice with Turkey fillet chopped up.

Snacks - 1 bag of Snack a Jacks <--- syn value? think it's 7

Drinks - 2 bottles of 500ml Dr Pepper Zero <--- 0 Syns

the snack thing will be tough but if i plan what snack to have and keep under the syn allowance, it'll be fine after a coupla weeks.
Hi Meg,

good luck on your weight loss journey, I'm sure you'll do just brilliantly.

Are you getting enough to eat ?

I am, it's less than before and my stomach is grumbling but need to have healthy size portions as opposed to huge portions. Usually with my meals, I give myself enough to fill me up nicely without being too full :)

Thank you for the good luck :) I feel I can do this if I exercise more and cut down junk food.


soon to be skinny minnie
Hi hun good luck with your weightloss journey. Keep coming into the forum for support, you will get to your target in no time. Are you following red, green or ee x
Well done Meg, keep with it and keep up with the swimming and you'll see some great results in no time.

thank you everyone :)

I went to the gym today, did some weights, did 5 mins on the rower, 5 mins on the bike and 30 mins on the treadmill. only a limited time since I had to rush to slimming world.

Today, i lost 2.5lbs and I'm happy :)


soon to be skinny minnie
Hi and well done on your loss. That's great you went to the gym. Keep it up hun and you will be at target in no time x
Just a quick update, forgot to put it in! whoops!

Last week I gained 2lbs but I wasn't worried as it was water retention as i drank so much water the day of weigh in.

This week I lost 2.5lbs which is great!

I've started going gym 4-5 times a week and feeling so much better for it. I've got a good exercise program from the fitness instructor and he'll keep upping it when he feels i'm ready.


soon to be skinny minnie
Hi hun, well done on your loss, and i bet you are losing inches too after going to the gym regularly xx

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