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Melanies memoirs.....


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this seems a bit weird to be putting a diary on line, however, I think it could help me stay on track and meet new people!!

Firstly, a little about myself. I am a 31 yr old mum. I have 2 girls(4 and 1). I work in a finance company, am studying for an English degree and live nr heathrow.

Having already lost 7 stone with lighter life, I am now ready to change my whole way of living to be healthy. I have 3stone left to lose, and am going to do this following SW.

I have my 1st meeting Wednesday, and am quite nervous!! I have also joined the gym, to help get fit and start toning all this saggy skin lol

any support, tips or encouragement will be greatly recieved!!!


Mel xx
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Hi Mel, wow! you have done so amazingly already! Well done! I am sure you will find SW will fit into your very hectic life!

Good luck and I will look forward to reading your diary!


Excited about the new me!
Hi Mel, wowww 7stone loss already, thats fab, my colleague is doing LL and has lost 4stone in 3.5 months. Such a trasformation and SW is a good plan to do, following on from that too. Good luck and it'll be good to follow your journy.

I've been doing SW, did ok, but had a bad few days re food, so just pulling that back with a few sachets of CD shakes I have left (its working).

I love SW, and what I will say is that, planning and tracking is what works for me, plus trying out new recipes too, to keep it exciting and interesting. Yummy food, but loosing weight too, you can't really go wrong if you stick to the plan.

I have a diary too, so perhaps we could buddie eachother ? x


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wow congrats on the weight loss, you look fab! keep up the good work


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Thanks for your support!!!

I would live a slimming buddy eternal!

I have my 1st meeting tonight. I excited about trying something new, but scared about my 1st weigh in. I'm hoping my consultant is a good one. I have to get down to business, I am getting married next June in Antigua, so indont want to be wandering around in a swimming costume infront of all my family and friends 3 stone overweight!!

Wish me luck!!


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I am a bit ashamed to be honest!! I have put on a stone since leaving LL!! I have only been off it just over a week!!!

I expected to put on some, as going from not eating to eating, I expected to put on a few lbs. But not a STONE!!!!!

Oh well. It's behind me now. I have stocked up on cook books, I am mastering the art of extra easy and I armed with my directory. I will keep a food diary on here so I can check I'm doing it right!!

Oohhh - how exciting!!


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ok - i think i need to calm down a bit. Just because i can have, doesnt mean i should!!

I have already eaten ***t loads today, and its not even dinner time yet!!

Having written down everything I have eaten, I think I need to calm down a bit. I have had 4 syns (all in ingredients and are healthy syns) and loads of fruit and veg (and some pasta). i am now not hungry, and shouldnt eat anything until dinner.

But surely this must be a mind set thing too. MEL EAT WHEN YOUR HUNGRY, NOT BECAUSE YOU ARE ALLOWED!!!!


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I am struggling to get my head round all this food. I went a bit crazy yesterday. Eating everything because I could!! Today I have calmed down a bit, but still eating loads of yoghurt with fruit. I have decided I will have 3 substantial meals s day, then snack if I am hungry. I am trying to use my sins on cooking stuff whilst I'm still strong and not bothered by chocolate, but will use them as and when I need to for the odd treat.

I'm not convinced I'm going go lose weight though. I am trusting in the diet as in I am following it, but going from eating packs of powder to shed loads of yummy food is hard to get my head round !!

Tomorrow will be a tester. I have to take my 4 yr old to her swimming lesson and then onto the gym for my salsa class. I haven't planned for tomorrow, so I feel like I am going in blind. But I thought I would let my appetite guide me rather than my menu plan !!


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So far I am loving this diet!! I used to say 'i don't like fruit'. But it turns l
out I just don't like apples and pears. I'm loving all the berries, bananas and frozen exotic fruit I'm eating!!

I am going to the gym soon. I have a salsa excercise class. I used to do it when I was at my biggest. Apparently it's the same girl that teaches it. I know she will remember me because we got on really well, but i'm wondering if she will recognise me, as I gave lost 7 stone since I have seen her last!!

I had a pretty crappy start to the morning. I had a blocked phone call that woke me up at 5am this morning and I couldn't get back to sleep. Since then I have had another 19 calls. If I answer they breath down the phone, if I don't they just keep calling and calling.

I think I'm going to have a green day today. I'm going to use up all the odds and sods in my fridge and make a chicken fillet (quorn) stirfry.


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Hey Mel first of all you look FABULOUS! Big congrats on your progress so far. Don't worry about the gain from switching diets because losing now at a slower pace will make it easier to keep off, you'll appreciate every lb and that'll help you with your food decisions during the day. So much respect for you with working so hard already and keeping positive despite these changes.

Keep up the hard work and enjoy salsa classes :D


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Thanks kiki x
Hi hun im of CD and trying differnent 'diets' but really i want to reinforce my ways about food.

Please take 1 day at a time hun, i know it's easier said then done.

you can and will get there.!!

good luck.xx


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Something occured to me yesterday that I hadn't thought about before, it was kinda like a lightbulb moment.

My sister asked me if I could do Lighter Life for free would I do it. My instinct said yes, but once we discussed it, I decided my answer would be no.

When I was on LL I felt like my mood was always under a cloud. I felt down all the time and just got used to it. Since starting SW I have felt happy, full and more importantly in control. I don't think it's the food that's made me happy directly, but I think the 'cloud' is a side effect of being in ketosis (this is when u r in stravation mode and burning fat).

A very wise minimin commented on one of my posts walker and said this is not a race, it's a lifestyle choice. I think that is absolutely right!!

So, my new lifestyle choice is healthy eating, fun excercise and happiness xxx

(hopefully this will also make me a size 8 for my wedding next year (",) )


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I have really enjoyed this week. I dont think I have eaten this much ...ever!!

Im in two minds about the weigh in. I cant believe that I can lose weight and eat all this food. So I am looking forward to it, but am anxious at the same time.

I went for my induction yesterday at the gym. I carried on exploring and experimenting after it had finished. I think i went a bit crazy though, i can still feel my stomach muscles are tight today! I have splashed out and got a membership at our virgin active gym. I was really chuffed though, because I get a discount for being a student!! Even if i dont pass my degree, it has great fringe benefits!!

I am going to a session tomorrow after my weigh in, (to stop me heading to mcdonalds of another one of those establishements) and then I have a Personal Training session Thursday (a freebie for joining). I think im really going to enjoy going.

I really think I am learning a lot about myself following this diet. i know it sounds weird, as I havent even been doing it for a week. But it seems that I dont care what I eat, as long as i can eat a lot of it. I havent really been bothered by chocolate, bread or takeaways this week. I was really bad with wanting these things whilst i was on LL.
I am also in a better mood. its like a depression cloud has been lifted. I have never suffered from the blues, but towards the end of LL i was really down. I feel much now.

I have work and uni tomorrow, so I had better get the kids to bed and go cook tomorrows menu!!

I'v just been reading through your diary, i L.O.V.E your enthusiasm.. it's essential when taking on a new lifestyle choice. You never want it to feel difficult or a hassle, or unenjoyable.. if you feel that way.. your doing somthing wrong and you wanna spice' it up a bit!

How are you getting on food wise? full of variety i hope! sounds as though your new discovery of fruit is quite the experiance for you.. and fruits always benificial to a great loss.

When is your WI day? I weigh wednesdays, however with the support of my consultant i now attend weekly but weigh fortnightly.

I would not panic about that stone, of course you were going to show a gain after returning to actual foods.. but theres no physical way you can actually gain a stone of fat in just over a week. You'd have severly felt it for a start, and you would have had to eat pure fat lol. Get lots of fluids down you, thats essential also.

I'm not sure if anyones mentioned it to you, but you may find yourself with a small/no loss in your first week or so whilst your body ajusts to the new way of life your taking on, it can be a bit disheartening i know.. but if your enjoying the plan.. keep on enjoying it because all your hard work WILL pay off.

and don't fret about eating too much- im an eating machine this week..- aslong as the majority is free/superfree.. your doing it all right.

Lots of love, goodluck! x


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Thank you for your message!! I am loving this diet. I lost 4.5lb this week. If I can do 1.5 to 2 a week I will be happy.

I have also really hit the gym hard!! I did a big session last night on weights for my arms, legs and abs. Then did 20 mins cardio and then went swimming!! I can't move today though lol. I keep getting people to move me round the office on my chair!!

I have a personal training session tonight as well, so by tomorrow I will have the movement of a 90 yr old woman lol


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im a bit miffed today!!

I have followed the diet to the letter and been training really hard at the gym, and i weighed myself and I have put on 1lb!!

This really annoys me, because i havent been going to the gym and walking about looking busy - i have really been getting down and dirty!! i have been doing full on 30 mins of cardio then 30 mins of weights and floor work. I also went swimming after one of these sessions too. (and had a personal training session) .....so SURELY i should be a size 8 by now..i have been doing it 2 weeks! lol.

I can see that I am over reacting, however, it is a bit frustrating. So i am going to tell myself what i would say to others.

- i may have built more muscle in weight than the the fat i have lost
- it may be that as i am not used to excercise, my body is holding onto its stores to help my muscles recover from the torture i have put them through
- i may have needed a wee
- the scales may have been in a different place
- i may be secret eating whilst im asleep (that ones a joke)

i am going to carry on with the diet (although i did go over on my syns by 2.5 today) however, im not going to beat myself up about it, as i havent had my full quota of syns all week!! i figure the amount of food i consume in free food, more than makes up for the syns i havent been having!

I also want to say, that this diet has done wonders for my state of mind. I was starting to get a bit down with the amount of free time i have (none) and feeling a bit sorry for myself, but since starting on this diet, even though i now have less than no free time due to the amount of time it actually takes me to plan, make and eat the copious amounts of food i eat, it has given me a boost.

In fact i think i am going to change my name to superwoman!

-I am currently, working 30 hours a week. (Although i have been told that i am getting made redundant, but i dont know when! thats not stressful at all!!)
-doing an english degree to become a primary school teacher
i have 2 children under the age of 5
-a hubby who works rediculous hours, so apart from me spending all his money may as well be a single parent
- running the household
- going to the gym 4 times a week
- doing this diet, and cooking all meals from scratch

phew!! in fact even though i sound extremely big headed! im going to say that IM GREAT lol.

Right, rambling over, i have an essay to write on tradition and dissent of english christianity.


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This post may sound a bit wack - but this is how I feel!

My brother lives in the middle of no where in France. My mum suggested we go and visit, so I said yes, thinking it will be a nice cheap holiday. She has booked the flights and cottage costing £550. Now, to be fair this is flights for me and my 2 children in summer holidays, so that is very reasonable. However, I'm supposed to be getting married next yr, and we r trying to save the money to go. I could really donwith putting the money towards it. It's going to be a tough week with 2 kids and nothing to do. I really don't mean to sound ungreatful, but I'm a bit concerned.

I had come yo terms with that, and today my hubby reverses into lorry and smashes the car rear window and now it needs a new tailgate!! Another couple of hundred quid gone.

I had a personal shopper booked for sat to treat myself for all my hard work at the diet and gym, and now I feel like I have to cancel it, as I should be putting the money away.

On the bright side, in the past I would have used this worry to eat and fall off the wagon, but I have easily stayed on track. I just hope my hard work pays off tomorrow on the scales
Good luck for your weigh-in tomorrow, Mel. Your weight is bound to fluctuate a bit at first as your glycogen levels sort themselves out after coming off Lighter Life, so just stick with it and let your body get on with whatever it needs to do in the meantime! I'm really glad you're enjoying the plan, it teaches you a lot about healthy eating for life, and getting pleasure from properly nourishing yourself with good food. :)

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