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Hello daily threaders

'Melting' hopefully applies to the snow, but also importantly, to the unwanted fat and flab!

I came home at about 11pm last night, and sat down to my final 2 foodpacks plus lots of catching up on the forum. Pleased to report that real progress has been made on the journey into ketosis - I was able to sit in MacDonalds with a black coffee and was totally unbothered by people around me eating.

It was great to 'break out' after days of home confinement and enjoyed my West End entertainment.

All this holiday talk has clearly affected me, so I have made it definite. Myself and best friend are going to Florida this summer - probably when the school hols finish- and I will be giving her £100 a month to save for me, starting with payday this month. That bit is essential or QVC will take the money off me in exchange for goods that I don't actually need, lol!

Good Luck to everyone:26: x
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One day at a time!
Morning Blingbabe, snow is beginning to melt here but not sure about fat and flab! Had a dreadful weekend CD wise, but it has made me realise just how emotional my eating is - I ate because I was so scared about driving home from work in thick snow! On reflection I can see that it didn't make my journey any easier and that driving wasn't as bad as I expected either - but I'd have felt happier if I'd stuck with CD 100%. Also realise that one blip leads to another with the promise of "back on track tomorrow":(

Well this IS tomorrow and here I am, full of resolve and optimism. CDC comes tomorrow so I will have a starting WI which is a few pounds lighter than it would have been if I hadn't even made a half-hearted attempt.

Good luck everyone else, have a great day:)
Morning all, think snow is melting here, although my fat not melting away-after my slip-up saturday was good yest,even had bro-in-law round for sunday wine and roast yesterday whilst I was happy to have my packs and water. Had courage to get weighed-2lb up than saturday morning,which is still 8lb heavier than pre-xmas and my cdc coming tomorrow for 1st weigh in.
Oh well,as I said yesterday for me its going to be a slow trot to the finish line as I am still going to have all the off plan events I planned(otherwise if I go off plan at them unplanned I just feel such a bad person),but stick to my resolve of no booze unless on one of these occassions then at least its damage limitation. Just have to remind myself that I am still 4st 4 down and our local spar shop still misses me terribly....and I do love the cd packs.
Here's to a melting Monday x
hi all
well looks like im back at work today, taxi has just picked up son for school, i still wont drive tho so will be taking the bus, snow is melting slightly. cant wait in a way to get back to work, ive got a bit lazy the last 3 weeks so back to a routine

best of luck to everyone for today :)


Why Be Normal?
Hi Ladies -- Good Morning.

Mrs. E -- Glad to hear you're out and about on the roads. Be sure to share your road reports. I warmed the car up to go to gym... and decided to stay home and use the dusty Wii. I am a bit anxious -- which is weird since I lived in Central NY (with big snow) and Germany. I think it is the other drivers I fear. So, please do a good job teaching them!

LOL! MrsT -- re: your local spar. I get that from the Stoke-on-Trent Portmeirion shops!

And, BB I feel that you have shared some about QVC addiction, so I will share with you: I actually get postcards and letters from some of the shops in Stoke-on-Trent! One of my friends pretended to read one of the "sale notices" and said it read, "Dear Melissa, we miss you so much. We had to make several people redunant due to your prolonged absence!"

I have 12 place settings of Botantic Garden (and extra plates and bits, plus many, many serving pieces), 12 place setting (plus, extra plates and bits, many serving pieces, canisters, cookware...) in the Pomona pattern, I have many (most) of the Holly and Ivy dishes (service for 8 ot 10, not sure) and again some serving pieces, some of the plain whiteware, some of the Halloween dishes, a lamp!, decorative pieces, throw pillows, kitchen towels, etc.

I was told by home insurance company to set up a special rider on my policy for the Portmeirion!!!

When I left my job on the 17th a few of the ladies I worked with gave me a set of Portmeirion dessert forks and spoons (very sweet little things and a thoughtful gift). I had been out with one of the ladies pre-Christmas shopping and saw the set on a sale table and said in mock horror, "There is some Portmeirion over there I DON'T have!" Now, I do! LOL

I won't (usually) buy it unless it is a good price (usually at Stoke), but if you do not "need" it, then no price is good. I used to say, "Oh, I need this..." etc. when I was drafting up a pre-Stoke shopping list, and my poor DH would correct me, "NO, you need air. You need water. You need food. But, you do not NEED Portmeirion!" So, I switched to "I want"... but, like you BB -- I am fighting my addiction.

If you managed to read through all this -- BB may I make a Florida recommendation. Go to the Everglades and drive down along the keys and stay in Key West. You will not regret it.



Slimming down the aisle
BB well done you! I find that I don't actually like McDonalds, feel sick because of all the grease! Florida sounds fab! My niece is 16 and has decided that she wants us to go to Orlando in 2011, I best get a job and start saving, so should she in fact! I finish uni this year and so a full time job will HOPEFULLY help with that.

Minxie don't worry about it now, what's done is done you can't change it. From the sounds of it you've learnt from it, so you'll know how best to avoid it in future, so just draw a line under it and move on, after all, that was yesterday and today is a whole new day. In fact, I'll draw a line for you..
There. Done. Gone.

Enjoy being back at work MrsE! I remember when I was learning to drive we had snow and a fair bit of it and my instructor made me have my lesson anyway. He said that he'd cancelled a lot of them but those that were further on and he thought could cope with it he did them anyway. He said that there'll be snow again and it's better I learn to deal with it with him. Which is true, made me ok about driving in snow, just am cautious about it!

MrsT glad you're back on the right tracks. As you said, you're doing so well, you should be proud of your achievement so far. Those nights off don't have to be completely destroying, just need to think and limit what you have, no alcohol will help no ends! Good luck with them :)

Hope you have a great first day back at school too Mandy!

MM... just how much Portmeirion do you have that they suggest a special rider? I'm guessing a LOT! You always manage to make the States sound so appealing! I really want to go to Florida, New York and I'd love to see Yosemite and things like that.

Right, I'm freezing so I'm going to go turn the heating up. My housemates seems dead against it and always turn it off or down!


Slimming down the aisle
Grrr I'm not impressed!! No wonder I'm so flipping cold. One of the girls turned the heating off. Not down, off completely!!!! In this weather! It's bloody snowing outside! This always happens and it's ridiculous it really is. I'm going to have to speak to them again. I've tried saying that turning it off and on costs more than leaving it on low but they don't listen. It also means the washing I've put on radiators hasn't all dried yet and has probably gone smelly. A couple of months ago when it started getting cold I started putting the heating on a bit and one of the girls turned around to me and was like "Oh I don't think it's cold enough for heating yet, so don't put it on. I don't think the heating should go on until it's colder and even then we shouldn't put it on until we can't get anymore layers on. We're final year fashion students, we've got collections to pay for, we can't afford big heating bills." Yeah and I can't bloody afford to keep getting ill because I'm cold! I've got asthma so does me no good at all, already had one chest infection. I might just "accidently" break off the thermostat dial so they can't turn it down. Grr. Sorry, rant over.


Why Be Normal?
Hi CG,

I've had horrible roomates in the past, too. I had one of two when I was at Uni (I went to Uni in Florida) who would crank up the air conditioning then sleep under two duvets! Her boyfriend would always be in the flat -- and eat all our food (we all bought our own food and had a shelf for it). She wore our clothes and ruined them, damaged our cars (she did not own one), ran up a phone bill she never paid, etc.

I can't think of why we did not stay in touch. LOL
It is almost over for you with them. Soon this will be a bad memory.



Slimming down the aisle
No I can't see why you didn't stay in touch either!! Other than the heating issue it's fine, oh and them not giving me the money for the TV licence installment which has gone out of my account in November. Another one is due soon but I'm going to tell them that I'm going to just cancel it unless they pay me for it in the next week, seeing as loans are in today. I don't watch the TV anyway really and can live without it.
Greetings all,

Hopefully the big thaw has begun here, im soo bored of snow now! while it looks beautiful, theres a limit! and im eager to get out on my Harley again! poor thing has been sat in the garage for way too long now!

Ive spent the morning so far trying on some of my clothes, ahhh that always makes me feel better! seeing how loose they have become is a real boost! needed that i think, the scales are finally shifting in the right direction, sloooowly though... but its a start!

Kids are off school AGAIN, but hopefully back tomorrow, I really need the house to myself to get on with uni work! I sympathise with Caroline, i know some of my uni mates are suffering with useless house mates also!
I too had a qvc addiction some years ago... i still peek in there daily but havent bought anything for a while... a few years ago, well quite a few years ago actually, i had got to goal weight with ww, and they were asking for people to write in if they wanted a make over. I wrote in and got picked to go! it was a fabulous day, had my hair done at harvey nic's got a load of kim & co clothes, make up by molton brown, loads of skin care, and appeared on a 2 hour special where they did a make over thing. Alison did my make up live on air etc.. was mad! totally loved it! they were all soooo nice, and i got to keep everything!
Hi Blingbabe :) It's good to be back!

OK folks, I am back in the CD saddle again after 4 days of haywire for my birthday. I think I need the discipline of being back at work, keeping busy etc.
I have well and truly learned that eating rubbish makes my body feel bad. I woke up on Friday with such bad indigestion that I thought I was going to die. Even my back ached with it! The pain was awful right from the top of my ribcage, all down my stomach. How dumb can you get!
I have learned that doing that to my body is not kind and is incredibly stupid when I know that my body feels happy and fit on CD and that I am putting good nutrients into it.
I am not going to be stupid. I have a brain and a memory and intend to remember that painful feeling.

I am going to think about being kind to my body. My body deserves to be treated well.

The nice weather forecaster on the radio has just announced that temperatures here are going to go up by about 5 degrees tomorrow so that should help move the snow a bit and getting out for a walk will be less hazardous and I may even get back to the swimming pool!
Going to mail my CDC and put next month's order in.

I am promising myself (and all of you) that by the end of January I will be on here dancing round cos I have reached 5 stones down. This is a reachable goal for the end of January and I will do it.

Grins... ok time to get out of bed and become turbo charged, get dressed and turn into a responsible teacher again.

Have a good day everyone!
Happy Belated Birthday AlexIce! I'm sure you'll get that stone off.

Thanks MinnieMel :)
I am having a turbo charged day. I have just had my first pack and shall start on water now. My body feels happier already.
Next step - put the xmas decorations away then jump in the shower.
Hey AI,

Oh good -- I'm not the only with Christmas stuff left to sort.
I'm going to take the box to the garage now and sort the rest of the cards, left out pressies, etc. And, I still need a shower, as well. So, I'll be doing this in the same order -- then making a quick Tescos visit before DD gets home from school.

Hi all

Good to hear that its a return to normality of work today after being stuck at home.

I am at home but will book office days for this week. About to have lunch, first pack of the day.

Sorry this is brief as having laptop irregularities (!) but read all the posts, QVC make-overs (fab, lucky you!) Portmeiron sinner services (think its lovely but never bought as I don't have the space) and annoying flatmates (thankfully I rented in places that allowed you to have as much heating as you wanted within the agreed rent).

Catch up later x


Slimming down the aisle
Dammit I cheated! 3 whole days without a single cheat and I fall for a shortbread biscuit!! I wasn't even hungry, I made a tea and was told there were biscuits earlier which I resisted at the time and then with my tea I couldn't help but think how nice it would be to dunk a biscuit in it! Nevermind, is done now, no point getting stressed over a couple of biscuits, just have to make sure that's all it is. Onwards and upwards and all that!
CG -- One Biccy not big issue. You can walk that off. It is carb effect making you hungry, but I doubt you kicked yourself out of ketosis that easily. How is the make-up sort out going?



Slimming down the aisle
Ha I haven't started!! I do need to do that though. I did Virgin Vie for a while so have loooooads of make up, not all of which I use because there's so much it's just a big pile in my drawer! So do need to figure out a better way to keep it all in order. I got distracted by my geckos instead.As sitting on the bed with one of them and she was running around over my leg and has run into the pocket of my hoody where she's been for the past 40 minutes and keeps snoozing. I've tried taking her out but it seems she likes it in there so does her weird kind of hiss and runs back in if I try and take her out.

Here she is...


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