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** Must -not -pick Monday Daily Thread **

good morning , I have named the thread must -not -pick monday as I have picked and eaten every day last week and am looking at a 6lb gain at weigh in today :cry: I have had a lot of stress last week and turned to my old comfort of food , but I have to change this .... I have decided to join the gym ( if my work eer decides to pay me !!!!) and hopefully go a few times a week to pound out my frustrations ...... unfortunately I cant go whenever I wish due to the children but at least I can go in an evening when hubby is home from work and maybe tone up too :)

So after weigh in... and the disappointed look I know my CDC will give me ( :cry: ) I am going to be 100 % back on track and loose this gain in the next week . My mum is coming round to help me sort my hallway out ( maybe get rid of a few of the 50 + coats me and the kids seem to have accumilated and some shoes ..) then my tesco shopping is coming later ( complete with all the yummy stuff that tempts me so much ) and then I am working tonight ..........

hope everyone has a fab day :)
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i feel your pain. we had xmas day on saturday which involved food and drink plus many extra little nibbles and i don't mind one bit as it was our belated xmas so i enjoyed myself but the hard work begins again. i think i've put on about 3lbs. doesn't help that i'm on antibiotics :(

the good thing is that we know our weight, we know when we put on and we don't stick our heads in the sand we get back to it which is the way forward.

hope everyone else has a wonderful monday and we get back to it 110% lol :D


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I'm feeling the no pick thing! That's got to stop for me too!

Good luck all the Monday weighers


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Me too I've been so tempted in my first week to pick up ambers left over cheese butty! But I didn't and I won't today!
hope most of you managed to get over the weekend in once piece unlike me
Off to the dr at 5pm to discuss my progesterone testing and to tell her I think CD is the problem. Should make for an interesting discussion.

Apart from that, just the usual day for me, being a children's entertainer to my 10 month old. Ah the joys of being a SAHM

Happy non picking Monday to all xx
My sts this week but I'm not moaning as iv done aamw and at least iv not put weigh on lol..but I'm quite constipated ATM :(

Got my op tomorrow and crapping it :(

Off to a kids play thing later :)
Katie, I joined a local leisure club and although I can't get to go to gym byself for various reasons, I am able to take Master T to the pool with me for no extra cost. Admittedly I am not exercising my body much, but I am certainly looking after my emotional well being, I always come out feeling all soothed for a good couple of hours..I just love it .
Good luck this week everyone, lets see if we can have a home-run until valentines day, no present could be better than a lower reading on the scales...a present to ourselves x


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no pick monday,defo what i need today! had a little slip of the wagon on saturday while out with friends,convinced myself i didnt care and would face the consequences,just got back from weigh in a STS, gutted now!
oh well,here is to 100% week.


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With picking, what often helps me (although not in this diet admittedly) is to say to myself "I won't have that for an hour." and then do something else for that hour. Then you're not depriving yourself and putting yourself in a very unambigious pass/fail situation, and by the end of the hour if you still NEED to pick, then you can allow yourself and know that you still succeeded because you waited for that hour, but you'll often find that you don't want it then. Especially if it's emotional hunger and you've done something else in that hour to displace the negative emotions.
good morning all.
i have just got back from the doctors.
he has given me some self referral info for CBT online as the waiting lists for general CBT will be about a year and i need the help much sooner than that :sigh:.
bought some new scales for £31 yesterday and today they r going back.
2 problems, number one, they are a pain in the arse to work, when u stand on them it has progress lines that show them thinking.... then they sometimes turn off. i said they dont think i can handle the truth and that is why they wont tell me how much i weigh. lol
secondly, they have 4 user programmes and the only way to be weighed is to press one of the 4..... BUT it remembers ur previous weight. so anyone who presses the same user sees my last weight :eek:. definately not for me thank you very much. my family dont know my weight and i plan to keep it that way. :eek:
so off to argos to return them for another type in a bit.
Morning everyone!

I need new scales too, Im sure mine have a mind of their own. I get on them sometimes and as Im soooo huge its hard to balance right, so the scales just show "EE" Im sure its shouting "eeeeeh youre huge get off now" lol.


skinny jeans-im on my way
i had some scales that were far too complicated to use,gave them to my friend who loves them! i think you needed a degree in computors just to use them. i just use the ones in boots now,or my mums just got a "normal" set!


please try again
im awful with the picking, ive pretty much maintained since the end of summer due to bloody picking, am sick of it need to get back on track and head on downwards and into all the pretty clothes i have waiting for me

have to get windscreen wipers today since the local kids had a fun game of peel off the rubber bit on em


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well how is everyone going with the no picking???? its past half way through the day, and i have just had my first pack, and i feel as full as i dunno something that i full! lol...

katie, im sure you will get those 4lbs off in no time!! (according to my scales, thats how much i put on this week too... so im with you at getting those 4lbs off fast!!!)
well how is everyone going with the no picking???? its past half way through the day, and i have just had my first pack, and i feel as full as i dunno something that i full! lol...

katie, im sure you will get those 4lbs off in no time!! (according to my scales, thats how much i put on this week too... so im with you at getting those 4lbs off fast!!!)
going well so far .... had a bar a few mins ago and been keeping busy sorting my utility room and hall out ..... I seem to have a problem with breeding coats ... there are 4 of us and in the hall we have .......... 37 coats !!!! hmmmm I have thrown a few and given my mum some but the kids seem to have tons !!!!

Not doing great water wise , only had about 500 ml so far so off to fill up my bottle .. but as I am working tonight I will be drinking all night too so got plenty of time :)

I am planning on havving 4 packs today rather than do 810 .. so basically SS+ .... be gone nasty 4 lb !!!


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im going from ss to ss+ (the 4 packs) depending on what day it will be.... i dont know how you can work night shifts...

what is it that you dO?


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well no pick monday was a sucess...
i think we should make tomorrows thread also no pick tuesday!!!
Anyone watching one born every min?

OH has told me we are never having another baby (have a girl and boy), which ATM I'm okay about because I have had such a hard time and have postnatal depression ect but i really don't like the idea of never ever having another baby even if it's in 10 years.

Ohwell I'm enjoying my babies ATM so I'm not too bothered and would to be married first lol

Just choaked me abit :(

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